June 2024
June 30th. On a cloudy day.  。
 On a cloudy day with light rain, my wife and I visited Hondatarutama Shrine, Sengo Falls and Jisso-in Kannon Hall. We have visited before, I wished different scene at different season. I took a few photos.
 We had soba at soba restaurant Sasuke near Sanada Historical Museum for our lunch. We visited the first time, so we checked Kurumi Soba and Tenpura. The Kurumi Soba dipping soup is basically a combination of miso and walnut. Sasuke's the Kurumi Soba dipping soup was a combination of most like misoshiru and clashed walnut. I got to know one more variation of Kurumi Soba. I think Kusabue's Kurumi dipping soup is the best. So, I'd like to combinate with Katanaya`s soba and Kusabue`s Kurumi dipping soup.

 My wife cooked our evening meal. In Ueda, my wife cooks every meals everyday, so it's very easy and the food is delicious. I and my family members are not a vegetarian, but I think we eat more vegetables than average.

June 29th. Yunomaru hight land.  。
 It was fine day and the temperature went up. It seems that alpine plants are in full bloom. My wife and I visited to Yunomaru hight land Ikenotairaw etland to see many them and get cool.
 My wife and I take a commemorative photo at the summit of Mt. Miharu. When we take commemorative photos, we look at the sun like this. This will help you take better photos because the light on your face will look better.
 I renovated the ARGUS COATED CINTAR f/3.5 50mm adding EF-mount and mounted it on my Sony ILCE-7RM3 with a helicoid mount adapter. I always carried out my renovation with consideration given to strength, with outdoor use in mind. I tried that out today.

June 28th.  I moved to Ueda from Iwa.  。
 I moved to Ueda from Iwai with my cat in the afternoon. I knew it was an accident in the highway near Sakadomachi Junction. So I started in the afternoon. I entered the Highway at Sakai machi interchange. There were slight traffic jam, all cars were moving slow until Kawashima junction even though it was a highway. So I was about an hour and a half late getting to Ueda. I couldn't make it in time for dinner.
  At after 6:00 pm when I arrived at the Tobu Yunomaru Service Area. I called my wife to ask her to free up her parking space. My wife parked her car in a nearby paid parking lot, and I used her space while I was there. Becoase my cat spends all times in the car, I had to parke in the apartment parking lot.
The decorated birthday cake my wife made for son. It's been a while I eat since my wife`s cake.

June 27th. Wet hot sandwiches making.  。
 Wet hot sandwiches making. First, I made a dip with egg, milk, and maple syrup, soaked the bread in it, then put shredded cabbage, peppers, ham, and cheese in between and grilled.

 I'm over 67kg. I'm fatter than before, so I feel heavy. Good food is one of the small pleasures we enjoy in our daily lives, so I don't want to restrict it, but I don't want to be heavy. So I wear a wide belt to tighten my waist when I eat. I usually wear it to prevent back pain. In other words, I wear the belt all the time except when I sleep.

June 26th. TARON CO, LTD TARON VL .  。
 I made a salad with macaroni, cabbage, carrot, cucumber and slice tomato for my breakfast. For lunch, I added to the salad, grilled Atsuage and wakame seaweed.
 I bought a junk rangefinder camera at an used camera shop Naniwa Camera in Kagoshima city. It is TARON CO, LTD TARON VL No.97363. I did not own any of this company's products. The shutter is broken. It has 8 aperture blades. The inside of the lens is clean. There are no scratches on the glass surface. It's worth as 1000 yen. It became a good memory of Kagoshima for me.


June 25th. 3rd day of the 7 men's 3-day trip.  。
 I got up at 6:00 a.m. I drank so much last night and woke up late this morning. At night, I went to a Izakaya to have a party with my friends. Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I drank a lot of draft beer.
 I had the buffet-style breakfast with my friends at the restaurant in the hotel from 6:30 a.m. My friends finished the breakfast at 7:00, and went out to play golf at 7:30. I continued my breakfast until 8:00, as same as Yesterday. I was able to check out allmost of the dishes including dessert except for miso soupo.

 Sometimes it rains heavily. I went to the Kagoshima City Museum of Art. I took my umbrella and my cameras with me. I arrived in time for the museum to open. When I visited the Kagoshima City Museum of Art, I happened to come across the opening ceremony of the 54th Southern Japan Photography Exhibition. I participated in it.
 Then, I paid 600 yen for entrance fee. I looked a lot of photographs and I spend 2 hours. Then, I visited the museum's permanent exhibition, paid for 300 yen, and spend 1 hour.
 Then, I spent 30 minutes looking at the photo exhibition "The World Through the Viewfinder" by the Kagoshima Photo Club, free. I stayed 3 and harf hours all over at the Kagoshima City Museum of Art.

 I was hungry and it was raining, so I went into a spaghetti restaurant to have lunch. The trick to choosing a restaurant in an unfamiliar place is to look at the entrance. I can see that the restaurant want what kind of customers. Before entering, I had to climb narrow stairs and turn twice. I could not see the inside from the road. I thought the owner of this restaurant is confident that customers who come once will definitely come again.
 The signboard said:
Today's pasta.
Red sea bream, okra and dried tomatoes in olive oil sauce.
Tuna, shiso leaves and capers in tomato sauce.
Mentaiko and shiso leaves in Japanese-style cream sauce.
 I chose red sea bream, okra and dried tomatoes in olive oil sauce. With a chiffon cake with two kinds of berries, mint leaves and whipped cream, also iced coffee. It was delicious. I was more valu satisfied with the payment. I'd like to visit there if I go again Kagoshima.

 My friend picked me up in front of the hotel at 4:00 p.m. After that, we went sightseeing together. It was raining when we visited Kirishima Jingu. I walked with my umbrella to the building where I was to worship.
 On my way the parking lot, I happened to meet a group of high school girls and their teacher from Kagoshima Information High School. They were making the video introducing the attractions and the charm of Kagoshima Prefecture. Five high school girls wearing yukatas, and other three girls were taking videos on their smartphones. Their teacher was giving them advice. They were shooting in between rain showers.
 I asked to them can I take your pictures and upload to the web, at the answer was yes.

 After that, we went to Kagoshima Airport and returned to Haneda. I got home around 11:30 p.m.

June 24th. 2nd day of the 7 men's 3-day trip.  。
  I got up early morning may be at 3:00 a.m. I took a shower then I walk around never the hotel and took some pictures.
 I had the buffet-style breakfast with my friends at the restaurant in the hotel from 6:30 a.m. My friends finished the breakfast at 7:00, and went out to play golf at 7:30. I continued my breakfast until 8:00. I was able to check out most of the dishes other than Japanese dish .I'll be having breakfast here again tomorrow so I'll try all the remaining dishes.
 It was a rainy day. Heavy rain at the times. Very hot and humid. 
 I checked the distance from the hotel to the Nagashima Art Museum by google about uphill 2.5 km. I visited the Nagashima Art Museum by my foot with my umbrella in the morning. I left the hotel in time for the 9 o'clock museum opening. However, heavy uphill, heavy rain and heavy humid, against me so I was late 30 minutes. I spent a lot of times at Art Museum, and had the lunch at the cafe attached to there. The museum houses artworks collected by Mr. Nagashima, a businessman from Kagoshima.
 I waited for the rain to subside and then walked back to Kagoshima Station. I took some photos of the city. Rain stopped, so I walked to continue pass the hotel to the Tenmonkan area with its arcade shopping street. I searched the web for camera stores that sell used or junk cameras and found three. Two shops were not my suitable. My suitable one shop had many jank. Hawever, there was nothing spectacular or attractive. I found a rangefinder camera I had never have before for 1,000 yen. If it was 500 yen I would have bought it right away, but after some hesitation I bought it for 1000 yen as a memory of my Kagoshima trip.
 I thought it is an abandoned building when I saw, so I took a photo immediately. It is not the photo [Peacock]. The building of upper photo. 
 I found this during a walk in Tenmonkan area Kagoshima City in the afternoon. Its out side was just an abandoned building. I did not go inside. When I backed the hotel, I searched online and found that it was a Italian-style restaurant called "TRATTORIA Meli Melo." It is open for business.
 It did appear abandoned at first glance. If it was night, I would have noticed it right away when the lights came on and the delicious smell hit me. It looks delicious.  I'd like to visit there if I go again Kagoshima City.
 I brought with 3 lenses, to test in the feeld. I did the filed test of Fuji C. Eminent Color 1:2.8 f=50mm No.28335 in today.

June 23th. The first day of the 7 men's 3-day trip.  。
 I got up 3:00 a.m. I give my cat medicine. I placed four days' worth of cat food and water for my cat in three separate locations. My cat eats 30g of cat food a day. So I placed more than 120g. It's an extra day's worth, but it's a spare.
 I went on a trip to Kyushu with six of my junior high school classmates. They plan 3 days trip once every year to play golf. I used to play golf with them, however recently I do not. I go on trips with them, and while they play golf in sightseeing on my own. It's so easy because they take care of every reservations and procedures from the time I leave my door to the time I return.
 They picked me up at my home 4:00 a.m. Today we flought Haneda to Kagoshima by JAL.
 We arrived in Kagoshima around 8:00 a.m. and rented a car to go sightseeing. 
 First, We had breakfast at a family restaurant.
 Then, we visited Miyazaki Jingu. The Miyazaki Prefectural Office is a historical building, and I took some commemorative photos wiyh them togather there.
 Then, we visited Aoshima jinjya, Nichinan beach, and Cape Toi. When we visited Cape Toi, heavy rain put to stop us from sightseeing. All we saw was a few wild horses and a lighthouse through the car window. From there we returned to Sakurajima and took a ferry to Kagoshima City.

 From Kagoshima Airport to the hotel in Kagoshima City, we moved more than 280 kilometers in one day, but my friend, the driver, seemed to enjoy the driving. He loves the driving. The route was his planning. I really enjoyed easy sightseeing, I just sit down the seat of the car with many cans of beer.
 We had sashimi teishoku for our lunch. It was very really good, and 1800 yen. However, I did not remember the location and the name, in addition to the restaurant attached to a guesthouse along the coastline near Udo Jingu.


June 22th.  My YouTube channel.  。
 I had Saturday English Class at 10 o'clock a.m. Michael Sensei checked the English subtitles of my YouTube content. I edited the content and uploaded it to YouTube.
 The video title and link are below:
 CHIYOKO ROKKOR 45mm f2 8 No 1201762 on EOS 5DMk2

 My YouTube channel is Fossil-like Lenses Renovation Factory.

I'm going on a trip to Kyushu with six of my junior high school classmates from tomorrow, the 23rd, to the 25th. I packed up before going to bed.

June 21th. I failed to bake bread.  。
 I baked graham bread in my electric bread maker as usual. I didn't change the recipe and the measurements were correct. However, unlike usual, it didn't rise. It wasn't bad. Let's enjoy a different tast of graham bread. One thing was different from usual. I didn't realize that the power cord was unplugged, so it took an hour for the machine to start after I put the ingredients in.
 I made a hot sandwich with this bread , onion, peppers and cheese for my breakfast.

June 20th. Field test two lenses at Yasaka Park.  。
 My cat came home in the morning. Last night, I went to sleep without noticing that she was gone. This morning, I realized she was nowhere to be found,
and when I went looking for her, I saw her walking on the lawn from the window.
 She recently really want to go out , So I close all windows of the first floor. May be, she escaped from the window of the second floor or the balcony.
 She had fallen off the balcony once before as a kitten. It is unclear whether this was an accident or if she had deliberately escaped.
 In any case, she returned safely in the morning.

 It was fine day today, however a little bit hot. I walked around the Yasaka Park in the morning. I brought 2 cameras. Well, I just finished renovating two lenses, and I put them on each camera. I used Fuji C. Eminent Color 1:2.8 f=50mm No.28335 on EOS 5D MK2 and Highkor C. 1:3.5 f=4cm No.154116 on EOS M3. I took more than 30 photos during my walk and it took me 3 hours to cover the 7km. Both of them product about 1956. It seems to have almost the same performance.

 I made a soup with Gyoza and a few kinds of vegetables, and a salad with wakame and tomato, for my evening meals.

June 19th. Two lenses manufactured in 1956.  。
 I had Several types of vegetables and wakame salad, granola Yogurt , chicken nuggets, nikuman, and Cafe au lait for my breakfast.
 This year's blackcurrant harvest is poor. There are hardly any fruits and the fruit is still small.
 I had cucumber, carrot and radish sour salad, coleslaw salad, grilled atsuage, leftover sandwich, and Budweiser for my evening meal.

 I renovated two lenses from morning to evening, today. Center row photos are Fuji C. Eminent Color 1:2.8 f=50mm No.28335 with EF-mount. A marriage of a lens extracted from a junk rangefinder camera and a mount removed from a junk Canon EF lens. This lens was installed on the Emi K 35, a 35mm rangefinder camera made by the Oshiro Optical Works, Ito City Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan in 1956.
 I bought a junk Emi K 35 in November 2023 for about 400 yen. It was rusted, moldy, dirty, and the shutter did not work. The aperture blades had come off track and were out of position. I extracted the lens, repaired the aperture blades and renovated it to Canon EF-mount. I felt it was a bit of a cheap design. However, I tried to renovate it to EF-mount because the flange back was almost just in length. As you can see, the result is pretty good. I can use this with my EOS 5DMk2.

 Right column photo is Highkor C. 1:3.5 f=4cm No.154116. This lens was installed on the Lord, a 35mm rangefinder camera released by Hattori Watch Co., Ltd. (Seikosha brand) around 1956 and manufactured by Okaya Optical Instruments Co., Ltd.

 I bought a junk Lord in November 2023 for about 440 yen. It was rusted, moldy, dirty, and the shutter did not work.. I extracted the lens and fixed the shutter blades wide open. I renovated it to Canon EF-M mount. I can use this with my EOS M3. I like lenses like this design one that are made of brass and have a plated.

June 18th.  Charumera for my breakfast,  。
 For my breakfast, I made Charumera instant ramen with cabbage, peppers, onions, carrots, shimeji mushrooms, sweet corn, and edamame. My wife never do that. and she always said, "Instant ramen for the breakfast?" when she saw the picture like this.
 For my lunch, I had granola yogurt, cafe au lait, boiled eggs, grilled peppers, shredded cucumber and carrot salad, and coleslaw salad.
 For my evening mail, I had a salad with tomatoes,cucumbers, steamed cauliflower. and added tofu with soy sauce.

June 17th.   Grilled Atsuage.  。
 I made coleslaw salad, boiled eggs, chopped cucumbers and tomatoes salad, granola yogurt, steamed cauliflower and Ingen beans for breakfast.
 I made a hot sandwich with a few kind of vegetable, egg, ham and cheese for my lunch. I served this with cafe au lait and a salad of steamed Ingen beans and ​​cauliflower, and sliced tomatoes.
 For dinner, I had leftovers and a can of Budweiser, and added a rose.

 Grilled Atsuage is my fabalit. If you bake Atsuage (the deep-fried tofu) in a Balmuda toaster oven at 230 degrees for 10 minutes, turn it over, and bake it again at 230 degrees for another 10 minutes, it will taste delicious. The outside will be well-cooked and crispy, and the inside will lose moisture and become more flavorful. It goes very well with Budweiser.

 It was really hot today for June., so I didn't go to my lens factory or go out anywhere. Miya-O stayed at the entrance all day. I wonder if it's comfortable for her there.

June 16th.  Two ROKKOR-PF 1:2 f=45mm lenses.  。
 I had pork japanese leek curry rice and vegitables sope for my evening meal.
  It was cloudy and the temperature was lower than yesterday, but the humidity was high. I started a new renovation project, but it's too hot and there's no wind to stay in the factory, so I came back home.

 In March 2024, I won a bid for 20 junk rangefinder cameras for 6,680 yen. I extracted two ROKKOR-PF 1:2 f=45mm lenses from two of the MINOLTA ALs of them and remounted them for the EF-M mount and E-mount for the Canon M3 and Sony α7, respectively.
 I redesigned the pins that guide the lens in a straight line on both of these lenses to reduce the minimum focusing distance to less than 40cm. This part was the most difficult there renovation.
 I have been bidding on many lenses that catch my eye on Yahoo! Auctions, so my inventory of fossil-like lenses is growing. I written a plan sheet by PC for each lens when I get, update when something change.
 Recently, have banned myself from bidding on Yahoo! Auctions and am sorting out my inventory. Because, on the calculation, I know that it will take more than three years to completely renovate my current inventory.

June 15th.  Saturday English Class.  。
  I had a nikuman, apple, slice tomato cucumber wakame salad, granola yogurt, and cold green tea for my breakfast. When steeping green tea leaves in hot water to make a drink, I added maple syrup 1 teaspoon per litre.
 I had Saturday English Class at 10 o'clock a.m. When I opened the front door to leave my house, Miya-O chan ran away from the door. I keep my cat inside the house all the time, but recently she wants to go outside. She was looking for an opportunity. I spent more than 10 minutes to catch my cat. So I was late my English Class

 My Canon color inkjet printer is really old. Ink is expensive, so I bought cheap genuine ink on Yahoo! Auctions, but the genuine ink is still more than double the cost of the nonbland replacement ink.

 I made pork and japanese leek curry somen for my evening meal. Somen and chopped green peppers were dipped in pork and japanese leek curry and eat.

 I found a white shirt I bought before I got married in the back of the closet. Since I got married, I've been wearing shirts my wife bought or made for me, so I hardly ever wear this one. So it's not damaged at all. I've decided to try wearing it this summer.

 I haven't done much to take care of the roses in my garden for the past few years. But they still bloom. I'm going to make to dry flowers the ones that look good.

June 14th.  eat soba.  。
  I had a nikuman, apple, slice tomato wakame coleslaw salad, granola yogurt, and cafe au lite for my breakfast.
 Recently, Miya-O chan stay on my camera bag, after the medicine time.

 I went to Tsukuba City and eat soba, Costco shopping, in the afternoon. I brought to my camera with the renovated lens.

June 13th. MINOLTA ROKKOR-PF 1:2 f=45mm No.2306462 on EOS M3.  。
 I had a hot sandwich, apple, slice tomato, coleslaw salad, granola yogurt, and tofu for my breakfast.

 I finished to clean and polish the surface of the lens. MINOLTA ROKKOR-PF 1:2 f=45mm renovation parts were also finished. so I assembled it. It's a perfect fit. It's very close to the limits of my and my machine's capabilities.

June 12th.  three meals.  。
 I made sauce yakisoba, grilled atsuage, coleslaw salad for my breakfast.
 I had a hot sandwich and coleslaw salad, granola yogurt for my lunch,
 I had yakisoba bento, tomato cauliflower salad, and tofu cucumber.

 Miya-O chan enjoyed the medcin time as usual. she was a good job.

 I was trying to renovate MINOLTA ROKKOR-PF 1:2 f=45mm, but it was not well.
 I redesigned the pin that guide the lens in a straight line, and made the pin again and again. I want to see the finished thing quickly. If I rush into something, I will fail. Taking many time and making things carefully from the beginning is the best way to make a good product in the shortest time possible.
 Finally, the pin was well done., The minimum focusing distance will becam less than 40cm.

June 11th.  meals.  。
 I had a grilled carrots and potatoes, microwaved cauliflower for my breakfast.
 It was time for her medicine but I could not find Miya-O chan. I searched carefully and found her hiding in my straw hat.

 For dinner, I had a hot sandwich, apple, tometo, and coleslaw salad.

June 10th.  Takayama Kofun.  。
 For my breakfast, I had sweet corn rice, yellowtail stewed in Hatcho miso, coleslaw salad, grilled ganmodoki, granola yogurt, and cafe au lait.
 At around 10:30, I went to the Iwamoto bento shop to buy 2 katsudon bentos. I always buy two, one to give to my brother.

 On the way to my factory from Iwamoto bento shop, there is Takayama Kofun. It is located at 1019-1 Matate, Bando City, and is owned by Mr,Teruyuki Furuya. It was discovered in 1912. The stone chamber is extremely large. The top part is currently exposed above ground, so you can experience its size.

 For lunch, I had a katsudon bento at my Fossil-like Lenses Renovation Factory.

 I was given potatoes and carrots so I grill them with my dutch oven. This was my dinner today, with tomato cucumber.

June 9th.  a lot of cabbage  。
 I was given a lot of cabbage, so I had stir-fried cabbage for my breakfast. Other things I had grilled ganmodoki, yogurt granola, and cafe au lait.
 For my evening meal, I made a soup with cabbage and fried tofu. I also made a salad with tomatoes and tofu.
 Today I worked at my lens factory.

June 8th.  katsuobushi flakes.  。
 I had tamagokakegohann for my breakfast. And I made a sandwich with cream cheese and anko.
 I made anko-mochi for my lunch.
 I made spaghetti with clams and orange peppers for my evening meal.
 When she hears a noise in the kitchen, she wants some katsuobushi flakes. I used to give it her when she want anytime, however her kidney function down I never gave it. So katsuobushi disappeared completely from my kitchen.

June 7th.  three meals.  。
 I made a hot sandwich with apple slices, maple syrup, cream cheese and cinnamon for my breakfast.
 After medicine time, my pet cat was laying on my camera bag in the morning. This has been her favorite place lately.

 On the 7th of last month, I completed the renovation of two Rokkor PF1:1.8 f=45mm lenses. I recently won several collections of rangefinder cameras on Yahoo! Auctions, and was able to acquire multiple copies of the same lens. So I have the opportunity to change one to an EF-M mount for the EOS M3 and one to an E mount for the Sony ILCE-7RM3.

June 6th.  three meals.  。
 I made instant Sanratan soup (a spicy and sour Chinese style soup) with vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and rice for my breakfast.
 I ate fried onions with tomato ketchup, sliced ​​tomato salad, fried egg, apple, round bread, vegetable soup, and cafe au lait for my lunch.
 I had a boll of corn rice topped with pork ribs stewed in Hatcho miso, and etc.

 I photographed three meals with a DSLR camera and an iPhone camera to compare the differences between the two.

June 5th.  Hot day.  。
 I woke up early in the morning. I cooked two meals at same time. It was sauce Yakisoba, I divided into two, one for breakfast, other for bento.
I cleaned up the grass I cut yesterday in the morning. I had lunch at home, not a bento. It became to be very hot in the afternoon. It was hard work. I couldn't stand the hot heat so I stopped midway.
  I had bento for my evening meal.

June 4th.  BIOS.  。
 I woke up late. I stayed up late last night.The SSD capacity (110 MB) of my main desktop PC is almost full. It's inconvenient and not enough, so I upgraded it to a 250MB SSD yesterday. However, after that My PC can not stand up.

 I had coleslaw salad, a hot sandwich, granola yogurt, and cafe au lait for breakfast.
 After breakfast I remember,. If I upgrade my PC's hardware, I have to need to rewrite the BIOS. BIOS stand for basic input output system. This is the basic software on the motherboard to start the CPU. My main PC`s motherboard is really old, so it doesn't rewrite it automatically. I spent 8hours before I realized this. I slept 6 hours of that time.
 It was a shiny weather good day, so I went to Tsukuba City and I had soba at soba restaurant Kimura, bought some food at Costco.
 I had to pay my car tax by the end of May, but I forgot. I paid it today from Iwai post office.
 A karibaraiki is originally designed to cut weeds and is not suitable for mowing the lawn.The lawn area has become much larger, so it's tough doing by the karibaraiki. I guess I'll have to buy a lawnmower next year.
 I made coleslaw salad, grilled peppers, an omelet with japanese leek, edamame, sweet corn, and cheese. I had them and homemade pork ribs stewed in Hatcho miso after thawing and heating in the microwave for my evening meal.

June 3rd. the back up 。
 I made a soup with a few kinds of vegetables, sliced tomato salad, Grilled Atsuage, andCafe au lait for my breakfast, added my wife made the custard pudding.
 I did my PC data storages to the back up HDD in the morning. I back up the data about once a month. It takes a lot of time because there are a lot of datas in many number of HDD and I have many computers. I don't do it all of my PC.
 Yesterday, there was thunder, so I unplugged all the electronic devices in my house. Soon the thunder subsided and I put it back on. But for some reason I haven't been able to connect to the internet since then. Ah, all the equipment appears to have pilot lights on and is functioning normally. I couldn't find its reason for almost 6 hours. What the hell. I forgot to plug back the intermediary device under my desk. Because, I did plug off for the first time in a while to prepare for a lightning strike.

 I made a hot sandwich with burdock, pepper, carrot, ham, parmigiano reggiano for my lunch.
 I took a walk in Yasaka Park from 4:30.

 For my dinner, I had salad, chikuwa, yogurt, and Badwaiser.

June 2nd.  my Graham bread. 。
  Miya-O chan always came to my side, which made me very happy, but it wa a problem when she sat between me and the monitor. Just now, there was a sudden loud thunderclap and Miya-O jumped up.

 I baked Graham bread with my electronic bread maker by my maple syrup adding recipe as usual. Sometimes it doesn't rise, sometimes it does, sometimes it's bit sweet, sometimes it's bit salty, sometimes it's fragrant. Even if something I make myself is a little bit off, it still falls into the category of delicious. Even if it's very different, it's still edible. I feel like the bakery's products are produced with great control by owner.

 I made stew with chicken and few kinds of vegetables, Grilled Atsuage add Jack Daniels Steak sauce, sliced tomato salad, glenora yoglet for my evening meal.

June 1st.  I reternd to my home. 。
  it was cloudy Ueda in the morning.
 I left Ueda around 10:00 am and headed to Iwai with my cat. I rested Kanna parking area in the highway. There was no shade anywhere in parking lot. There were no big trucks parked there casting big shadows. I felt it got very humid as I drove to down Usui Pass.

 I arrived Iwai my home at 1:00 pm.
 I brought my cat to the pet clinic 4:00. A pet nurse weighs her each time , it was a little bit heavy than one month ago. She seems to good. Her doctor just looked to her and no treatment. He prescribed her a one-month supply of three different medications as usual. Her next appointment is in a month, blood tests will also be scheduled at that time.
 I walked around Yasaka Park from about 5:00 pm, covering 5.6km. I use the Nike running app in my iPhone to record the distance I run and walk, like left image.

 My brother brought me a lot of japanese leek for free, so I made an omelet with it and cheese for my evening meal. I served it with mustard.

June 2024  

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