April 2024
April 30th. N.K.K Sankor 4 inch F1:2.0 No, 5507  。
 I had hot sandwich leftover, sliced cucumber, grilled Atsuage, cut Orange, granola yogurt, and Cafe au le for my breakfast.
 I brought my cat Miya-O chan to Pet Clinic. A pet nurse weighs her each time before she sees her doctor. It was a little more than last time.

 I went to my Fossil-like Lenses Renovation Factory in the afternoon, and finished remounting EF mount to N.K.K Sankor 4 inch F1:2.0 No, 5507. So, I was able to take photographs using this lens with Canon EOS 5Dmk2 digital camera. It is big and heavy, however it bring to me nice Bokeh.

 I had sliced tomato and cucumber, pickled radish, grilled Ganmodoki and paprika, and a nikuman for my evening meal.

April 29th.  a projection lens  。
 I made a hot sandwich with onion, green pepper, ham, and two kinds of cheese. I served this with grilled Atsuage, sliced tomato, and cafe au le for my breakfast.

 I walked around Yasaka park 5.2km.

 I made rice with clams, pickled radish, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and wakame salad for my evening meal.

 N.K.K Sankor 4 inch F1:2.0 No, 5507 manufacturer details unknown. I got a set of 7 projection lenses from Yahoo Auction in April 7th. The acquisition cost was 7478 yen including shipping tax. So it's 1068 yen per eache. This lens is one of them. The lens configuration is 4 elements in 2 groups. The front group is glued together 2 pieces. The barrel diameter is 70mm, made of stainless steel, and the inside is threaded from end to end. There are no apertures and helicoids. The lens frames on both ends are screwed in. The width of both the screw is 10mm. I renovated adding Canon EF mount. There is no helicoid, but if I loosen the front and rear lens frames, I can focus at near range. The shortest shooting distance is about 8m to 10m.
 I spent time on this renovation in the afternoon. I got three kinds of vegetables on the way home from my younger brother's house.

April 28th. Lens storage cardboard boxes 。
 I got up early. I was woken up early this morning by my cat Miya-O chan. Apparently she was very hungry. She ate 18g of food in one go quickly. usually 10g one time.
 I made vegetable soup and Anko mochi. I served these with granola yogurt, and cafe au le for my breakfast.

 I sprayed herbicide in the morning. I used two types of herbicides, glyphosate and 2-4-D. Glyphosat is effective against all weeds. 2-4-D is not effective against plants of the rice family. So, I used it for grass.
 In the afternoon, I organized my old photography lenses. Cardboard paper boxes are best for lens storage. I apply tape to surface of waste cardboard boxes to strengthen them and make them waterproof. It's cheap, lens-friendly, flexible, and convenient to store.
 Miya-O chan always comes over when I'm working. She's a nuisance, but she's cute.

 I made negi and wakame soup, pickled radish, pork rib Hatcho miso stew on rice, cut orange, slices tomato, for my evening meal.

April 27th. Saturday English class  。
 I walked to Chuo Kominkan, and had Saturday English class in the morning at10:00.
 Mr. Michael corrected the English in my picture diary for March. I should be able to correct misspellings and tenses if I put in the effort. However there were still many misspellings and incorrect tenses. That's an embarrassing. There were many other things that I didn't notice on my own. I learned a lot from the teacher's points.

April 26th. the Photo Kano Club  。
 I had kumquat salad, fried oysters, clam rice, granola yogurt, and cafe au lait for my breakfast.
 I went to Chikusei City and joined the Photo Kano Club Monthly meeting. We always show each other the photos we take every month. I use images uploaded to my Flickr, but other members bring their own on SD cards.This time there were only two participants, but we brought so many photos to share with each other that we didn't have enough time, 2 hours past quickly.

April 25th. CANON LENS FL 135mm 1:3.5  。
 I made a sope with chicken dumplings and a few kinds of vegetables for my breakfast.
 I went to Moriya City with my pet cat Miya-O chan using a cat carrier self-made on my FJ cruiser. I bought some air piping parts at Joyful Honda Moriya. I bought three kinds of breads at Backenbart my favorite bakery in Moriya.
 I took a walk about 5.6km to a rice field near Kuguido after sunset, and took a few photos.

April 24th. on the treadmill  。
 I made hot sandwich with ham, cabbage, peppers, carrots, and onions. It was served on a plate, but it was for the purpose of taking a photo. It was my lunch. The breakfast was shown in the photo below.

 I walked on the treadmill in the Training Room of Chuo Kominkan about 5km while watching one title DVD.

April 23th. It was cloudy. 。
 I made two sauce Yakisoba at the same time one for my breakfast and anather for my lunch. I added grilled Atsuage.

 I went through Yasaka Park, through Kuguido, through a rice field, under Amida Temple to my Fossil-like LensesRenovation Factory. I took a few photos on the way there. It was cloudy, so I was able to capture some gentle colors in the photo.
 I had lunch at my factory. Then I stayed until sunset. I removed a compressed air filter and a regulator from a junk green onion peeler and cleaned it. I'm going to use this items for my compressed air supply system.

 For my evening meal, I made clams rice, bamboo shoot stew,and a lettuce tomato pepper salad.

April 22th.  I have to reset the goal.  。
 My wife dug a lot of bamboo shoots in her parents' bamboo forest again. She met her dentist who is her older brother and treat in the morning. Her older brother( my brother-in-law ) runs his dental office at my wife`s parents house.
 I baked Graham bread with my electronic bread maker by my maple syrup adding recipe.

 When I do something on my computer, my cat gets in between me and the monitor. It's a nuisance, but I would be sad little bit if she did not come.

 My wife returned to Ueda city in the afternoon.

 I met Mr, Michael and Noriko sensei in Yasaka park by accident again today. I`d like to talk with Mr Michael without a translator, however I can't help but rely on Noriko Sensei. When 2 of you are together, I turn to the direction Noriko-sensei more than Mr,Michael.
 I set the goal last year about English conversation. I didn't get the goal yet. I have to reset the goal. Until next Aplil.

 I eat my evening meal alone. However there are a lot of leftover bamboo shoot dishes.

April 21th. Kasumigaura marathon 2024  。
  I drove to Tsuchiura city with my wife. I left home at 6:00am. We arrived at the temporary parking lot of Kasumigaura marathon 2024 7:00 am. My wife and I went to Kawaguchi sport park in Tsuchiura Cityto take to the shuttle bus.
  Both of us entered the 10 mile Kasumigaura marathon 2024. However I had lower back pain from last week, I'm not completely well yet so I did not run my race. My wife finished 1 hour and 36 minutes.
  We left there at 12:30pm. On the way home, we had soba noodles at our favorite soba restaurant for the lunch. My wife was exhausted, so we headed home right away. After a marathon race, we usually go home, take a bath, and go straight to sleep. She went to bed after she took a bath.

  Ah, of course I was not tired at all. So, I walked around Yasaka park and took a few pictures. I met Michael sensei and Noriko sensei in the park. We met by chance just as I was taking pictures at the peony garden.
 Several types of bamboo shoot dishes that my wife cooked were served for our dinner. We love bamboo shoot dishes.

April 20th. SabasoboroDon  。
 I made breakfast for me and my wife. My wife dug a lot of bamboo shoots in her parents' bamboo forest. I cooked bamboo shoots that she dug with Aburaage.
 She went to her favorite Hair Salon in Iwai in the morning. She met her best friend in the afternoon. These are tow of her rutines when she comes back. 
 She made three servings of SabasoboroDon (Grilled mackerel mixed with fragrant vegetables and sushi rice, topped with sesame nori. etc. one of rice bowl) for our dinner, and we ate it with my father-in-law.

April 19th. CANON LENS FL 135mm 1:3.5  。
 For my breakfast, I made ham, hanpen, parmigiano reggiano, green pepper, and coriander toast.
 I use a package of soup stock made from fish bones and internal organs. The amount of a pack is too much for one perso, so I am going to divide this one pack into two parts, using an electric sealer. Then I cut this into two with scissors.
 The sealer is a very important kitchen item for me. I seal leftover dried food with this sealer. I also use it for plastic pack sealing of wet food. I also use it for plastic pack sealing of wet food before freezing.
 Well, I took my cat Miya-O to Uchida Pet Clinic at 11 o'clock. She was in a really bad mood today.I did not know the reason

 My wife came back to Iwai from Ueda City, so I picked her up at 15:45 at Shimizu kouen station.

April 18th. It's training over to trip with me.  。
 I had a lot of hives this morning. It's very itchy. I could not fide thereason. The cause is unknown.
 I made a soup with some vegetable, grilled atsuage, yogurt granola Cafe au le for my breakfast.

 I walked to my Fossil-like Lenses Renovation Factory. The route distance using a rice field rood was 3 kilometers, and the shortest route distance is 1.7km.
 Today at there, I prepared the condensed air piping, to use airbrushes, sandblasters, etc.Now I can use airbrushes, sandblasters, etc.

In the afternoon, I took my cat out to Tsukuba city. This is part of the training for the cat to travel in the car. I had soba at my favorite soba restaurant Kimura and I bought a big pack of coffee beans and yogurt from Costco.

 I made coriander soup and salad for my evening meal.

April 17th. a cat carrier.  。
 I walked around Yasaka Park in the morning about 3 kilometer and took a few photograph.
 I made hot sandwich for my Lunch.
 I thawed my homemade frozen asari gohan and tandoori chicken, and made a sliced tomato and coleslaw salad for my evening meal.

 I made a cat carrier at my Fossil-like Lenses Renovation Factory in the afternoon. I made it from a junk steel wire basket and some pieces of junk Cedar wood board. I'm going to use it to take my cat traveling with me in my Toyota FJ Cruiser. I tried to use this carrier with my cat in a room after my evening meal. It seems like she didn't hate it. Not bad. She doesn't want to come out. I did it.

April 16th. CANON LENS FL 135mm 1:3.5  。
 I had granola yogurt and coffee for my breakfast.

 I thought my low back pain get better and better day by day. I was able to walk as almost as well as befor. So, I walked around Yasaka park about 5 kilometer, and took a few picture. I saw a blue fire engine, ordinary fire engines are red. lt seems to be a renovated from aa retired fire engine to a park watering truck and colored it blue.
 I got hungry after walking, so I made a hot sandwich with Parmigiano Reggiano, Mozzarella, Pastrami Beef, and Peppers.

 When I'm lying down, Miya-O immediately climbs onto my chest. Especially when I'm really tired,

 I tested CANON LENS FL 135mm 1:3.5 No.105584 today. I won this lens at a Yahoo Auction in July 2019 for 1,700 yen (tax and shipping included). Although it was a junk item, there was no dust or dirt mixed in, and there were only a few spots of mold. I can use it as is.

 My evening meal was izakaya style.

April 15th. oil fan heaters maintenance.   。
 I woke up very late. I'm really sleepy. Maybe it's because of my lower back pain I couldn't sleep well a few days.
 I made three meals today by myself as usual.

 I used to break my oil fan heaters each 3 years. I did not do off season`s maintenance. I did nothing until next season. So, Fan heater parts rust due to condensing moisture in the fuel in off season. The manual says so, but I ignored it. Since then I have maintenanced them compleatly in the off season, they have not broken for 20 years.
 I maintenanced 3 oil fan heaters.

 Miya-O hid somewhere on the first floor after medicine time in the morning, I called her but she didn't answered. She appeared in the afternoon still the same.

April 14th.  I sprayed herbicide.  。
 I made the soup with sliced ginger and a few kinds of vegetables, sliced tomato cabbage salad for my breakfast. I discovered that if I freeze ginger, I can slice it very thinly.

 I sprayed herbicide today, for the 1st time this year. I usually use a 10kg electric sprayer, but I was worried about my back, so I used a 4kg manual sprayer today. I used 2-4-D and glyphosate herbicides. 2-4-D 1000-fold dilution. Glyphosate diluted 100 times.
 I use it at the lowest concentration possible, taking into consideration factors such as temperature, sunshine hours, and wind direction. Even lower concentrations than stated in the instructions may be effective if the conditions are met. 
 Glyphosate herbicide contains carcinogenic substances. I use it carefully, of course I wear glasses, and masks when I use it. I take a bath after the work immediately. Also other chemical solutions, of course I have to use carefully.

 I went to my favorite Tsukuba City soba restaurant Kimura and had Seiro soba with my cat at 3:00pm. I had lunch late, so I wasn't really hungry in the evening, so for my evening meal I had hanpen, olenge, cucumber, cabbage salad, and beer.

April 13th. Vietnamese languege sound  。
 I walked to Chuo Kominkan, and joined the Saturday English class this morning at 10:00. 
 After that on the way home, I met a couple of Vietnamese under the cherry blossoms. I feel that Vietnamese languege sound is rhythmic and gently sound like poem reading. I'd like to speak and enjoy English conversation, so I approached them. However they could not speak English. We enjoyed Japanese conversation with each other.
 I sold the sewing machine that my mother was using at my parent's house about 50 years ago, at Yahoo auction, for 3600 yen. Even after deducting expenses, I made 1500 yen.

April 12th. A different approach.  。
 I had almost no pain around my lower back same as normal this morning. But I moved very carefully because I afraid of the pain returning. I have to move very carefullyto protect my lower back, so I don't put any strain on it until 2 housr after I got up.
 I had breakfast with leftovers and sliced tomato.
 I made some tandoori chicken imitation for my evening meal and other some dishes.

 A different approach. They're a little bit different pichrse of same scene, photographed SRC and photographed iPhone camera. SRC stand for Single Reflex Camera. The two photos in the right column are taken with the SRC camera on the top and the iPhone camera on the bottom.

April 11th. My cat sharpened her nails on my laptop. 。
 I made hot sandwich with ham, two kinds of cheeses, cabbage, carrot, green pepper and onion for my breakfast.
 I made rice cooked with clams for my lunch. Ingredients include clams, burdock, onions, sweet corn, soybeans, carrots, shimeji mushrooms, and maitake mushrooms.
 My cat sharpened her nails on my laptop. The result was one key of its keyboard broken. A very small plastic part was broken, I could not repair it. So I use it as is.

 For my evening meal, I had fried horse mackerel that I bought at Torisen.

April 10th. Cherry blossoms were in full bloom.  。
 I had a plan to go to hiking at Mt.Hokyo today with a friend from Photo Kano Club. I called him to extend our plan ahead yesterday because of my back pain.
 I thought that I am getting better and better with my back pain, it is difficult to Mt.Hokyo, however Yasaka Park is OK maybe. So I went there and took a few photos. Some cherry trees have noticeablely less leaves from yesterday's heavy rain, but many were in full bloom.
I baked graham bread using my electric automatic bread baker in the afternoon.

April 9th. Night was coming.  。
 I woke up late in the morning. I felt better than yesterday with my back pain. However I moved really carefully, more than usual.

 I took my cat to see her doctor. Her medication ran out the day before yesterday, but I couldn't take her to see her doctor yesterday because of my back pain.

 I made Sauce Yakisoba for my lunch. I also made the same for my evening Yakisoba bento.

 Night was coming. I took this photo because the sunset was a dramatic scene in my windows, photographed with TAMRON BBAR MALTI C 1:5.6 f=300mm No.8400268.

April 8th. a serious back pain.  。
 I had serious back pain when I woke up in the morning. It was really a hard job to go to the toilet at that time. And it was harder than yesterday to make my meal. For the past few days, I had been slightly moving around in spite of the back pain.
 I made a stewed yellowtail with miso kakegohan. I just cut the vegetables and thawed the dish. I didn't have lunch, instead some senbeis and cafe au lait. I made the evening meal in a similar way as the morning.. 
 The medicine time was the same as usual.

 Other than that, it was a day I didn't do anything at all and just watched YouTube and Prime Video, just lying down.
 I felt a little better at night, and I hope my back pain will be better tomorrow.

April 7th. I had back pain whole day.  。
 I woke up early in the morning. I made soup with gyoza, chicken balls and a lot kinds of vegetables for my breakfast.  I cooked grilled Ganmodoki, cabbage green pepper salad, Hatcho Miso stew with pork ribs, rice cooked with clams. I thawed homemade frozen food for my lunch.
 I made vegetable salad and vegetable soup for my evening meal.
 I had a serious back pain whole day, so it was hard job to cook my meal. The cherry blossoms at Yasaka Park can be seen from my window. They were in full bloom in the afternoon. however I was not able to go there.
 I spent a lot of time laying down to watch YouTube or Prime video other than cooking time.

April 6th. Olympus Projection Zuiko 1:2.8 f=5.5cm  。
 I made a hamburger using the beef patty I bought at Costco yesterday and the round bread I bought at Backenbart these other day.

 Miya-O relaxed after medicine time by my laptop PC. At this side of it has the duct of a cpu cooling fan. It was a nice warm breeze for her here. it was a little bit cold today so she searched for a warm place.

 I bought and collected any brand old photographic lenses. Among them, Olympus lenses are pretty good. Therefor I was interested in the projection lens of Olympus. Olympus Projection Zuiko 1:2.8 f=5.5cm, I got it Yahoo Auction for 1,680 yen(shipping and tax include). What kind of taste does this lens have? Of course I'm going to renovate it to the photographic lens for my digital camera. I took a photograph of the Olympus projector with Kowa Optical Works Prominar 1:2.8 f=35mm that I renovated.
 I had slight back pain since this morning. It was not that I could not do anything. I went out to deny a little depression. I went and had a tenseiro soba at my favorite soba restaurant Kimura in Tsukuba City.
 I went to my bed earlier than usual, because I had back pain.

April 5th. Cooking  。
 I made pork ribs stew with Hatcho miso and boiled yellowtail with the ingredients I bought yesterday in the morning.

 I had a Tenseiro at soba restaurant Kimura my favorite in Tsukuba city for my lunch. I was very satisfied.

 I ate sliced tomato lettuce, grilled Atsuage, pork ribs stew with Hatcho miso, boiled yellowtail and sekihan from frozen stock for my evening meal.

April 4th.  Torisen senior discount service day. 。
 I made imitation mini pizza by a ready-made dumpling skin base. I put parmigiano-reggiano and mozzarella cheese on them, topped it with other thawed ingredients, and baked it in the oven. not so bad.
 I made a pizza toast with graham bread. I put parmigiano-reggiano, mozzarella cheese and ham on it, and baked it in the oven. and topped it with a few spraut of paseri.

 Thursday is Torisen senior discount service day. I went there after 7pm and chose a few unsold discounted food, and bought them at an additional 5% discount.
 I made Clams Komatsuna Maitake Mushroom Spaghetti with these ingredients for my evening meal.

April 3rd. Frozen and Thawed  。
 I had seaweed soup and clam rice for my breakfast.
 I've gotten so good at medicine time, but still 10% the day`s medicine escapes out of Miya-O`s mouth. It is success that I can give her 90% of them every day.
 Around Miya-O`s eyes is white. So, her eye discharge is very noticeable. I remove it many times a day in preparation for photo opportunities.

 I had Iwamoto Bentoya's yakiniku bento with tomato lettuce salad, yogurt, Mugicha and orange for my lunch at my Fossil-like Lenses Renovation Factory.

 I cook when I feel like it. Usually I make a little bit more and freeze a part of it. Just thaw for more dish variety.
 I made stir‐fried pork belly, chili, and vegetables for my evening meal. One more dish was thawed boiled konnyaku and vegetables.

April 2nd.  a microwave deep fried squidy. 。
 I had grilled Atsuage, anko sandwich, sliced tomatoe lettuce salad, yogurt granola, and cafe au lait for my breakfast.
 For my lunch, I had almost the same menu as my breakfast at my Fossil-like Lenses Renovation Factory.

 I love deep fried squid. I had microwaved deep fried squid for my evening meal. It is a pre cooked frozen food that is heated in the microwave. I bought it at Co-Op. Easy and convenient, not so bad.

April 1st. custard cream 。
 I made a Charmera by Myojo Food Co. for my breakfast.
 Someone said to me, taste preferences change when getting old. I agree with him. I used to love custard cream, but now I love Anko more. I became 70 years old this February.
 However today, I ate a custard cream bread by Hattendo and a round bread by Backenbart for my lunch. Miya-O chan also came here, attracted by the smell of delicious bread.

 I made curry rice, tomatoes letace salad and soup with a few kinds of vegetable for my evening meal.

April 2024  

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