February 2024

February 4th. It is a Sunday,.  。
 It is a Sunday, I wake up late. In my case All of week day are Sunday. I eat leftover, and slice tomato, for breakfast. 
I tried cooking konjac, carrots, fried tofu, and shimeji mushrooms.

February 3rd.   Canon FD 35mm f3.5 S.C. No,127273.  。
 I wake up early morning, so I cooked twice meal at same time. It was sauce Yakisoba, I divide 2, one for breakfast, other for Bento.So breakfast and lunch had almost the same menu today.

 Canon FD 35mm f3.5 S.C. No,127273  I got this lens in January 2024 for 1,372 yen( including shipping). There are no scratches on the lens surface. No dust inside. There is no mold growth. The aperture and focus ring work well. It came with front and rear caps, but there are scratches and distortions on the filter frame. hawever I can add filter and use as is.

 I cooked frozen shumai for dinner. Just put it in a steamer and steam it for 12 minutes. Served with Budweiser.

February 2nd.  make some money from garbage.  。
 I ate leftovers for breakfast. I made Oden for my lunch.
 After medicine time, Miya-O went to her bed, and stayed at there until afternoon.

 I put some unnecessary items up for sale on Yahoo Auctions. For example, a broken light meter, etc. If I throw it away, it immediately becomes garbage, but if I sell it, I can make some money.That's way I produce for electricity energy, katsudon, milk and etc, from garbage.

  I ate leftovers for Evning meal..

February 1st. Yutanpo.. 。
 I made MIso flavor Harusame soup for my breakfast.

 I shut down all of air conditioners in my house, so Miya-O searched for warm place. Finally, she found the warmest place here in my house. They are a tiny space, but sun is shining through the window.
 I made hot sandwiches with ham, cheese, peppers, cabbage, egg, and Candied crucian carp for my lunch.

 I bought a new Yutanpo(hot water bottle). It's originally a just water bottle. Made of aluminum so it is durable and long lasting. Of course I can add hot water. I cover with old sockes and use it as a Yutanpo.
 I use an aluminum bottle same way from 50 yars ago. Hawever, a few yars ago, it was bloken. So at that time, I bought new Yutanpo that made by prastic. However, it broke down after 5 years. So I went back to using aluminum bottles.

 For evening meal, I made stew with salmon, potatoes, onions, and turnips. I had it with my father-in-law.

February 2024  

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