February 2024
February 29th.    the Ibaraki senior card service.  。
 This year is a leap year, it falls on Thusday, February 29th.
 Ibaraki prefecture wishes to spread the Ibaraki senior card service for senios. If they show the senior card at a shop, they get some service for example a discount, etc. I don't know this system deeply, someone said that the purpose is to make seniers get out for their health.
 I also have the Ibaraki senior card. On Thursday, Torisen give a 5% discount to peaple who have the senior card. So, I buy many foods on Thursday from Torisen. Today I bought a lot of fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, kumquats, pork ribs, hanpen, chikuwa, tofu, clams, instant ramen, etc.

 For dinner, I made spaghetti with clams and Nanohana, and served it with a glass of rose wine.

February 28th.    my birthday today, 70 years old.  。
 For breakfast, I made a hot sandwich with hanpen, spinach and cheese. The kumquat season has come. I like kumquats. I add kumquats to anything, for example misoshiru, ramen, spaghetti, nabe, mochi, etc. However, gram per cost of kumquats is high relative to other citrus fruits, so this puts a brake on my feeling.
 It is Wednesday. So, I checked my refrigerator. I finish leftovers asmuch as possible. I need the space in my refrigerator. Because, tomorrow is my food buying day.

 It is my birthday today, 70 years old. My wife usually makes a decorated cake and katsudon for my birthday party. My wife is not here because she is currently working alone in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture. So, Well, that's why I cook most of my own meals, so even today, my birthday, I had a normal meal.

February 27th.    clean up day.  。
 It was my weekly clean up day today. Today I stayed at home all day, cleaning all 2nd floor room and took out the trash. I also cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and balcony.

February 26th.   Graham bread with maple syrup.  。
  I baked Graham bread using my automatic electric bread maker. This time I added 2cc maple syrup to my recipe. My bread maker was done early in the morning by timer, however I woke up late. 
  I ate a self made sauce Yakisoba for brunch.
 I took my cat to the Uchida pet clinic in the afternoon.
 I got a lettuce from my younger brother free. It was a really fresh lettuce. A lettuce farmer give him some lettuces. it was one of them.

February 25th.   stay at home all day.  。
 I had my breakfast selfmade.
 Then I was watching the Oosaka Marathon on TV in the morning.
 Also I made my lunch by my self, then I was wacing many YouTube chanels in the afternoon.
 And then I made the evening meal by myself, then I watched 2 titles of Amazon Prime video.
 So I stayed home all day, just cooking, eating, and watching videos.

 Breakfast dishes were Hanpen and vegetable soup and simmered carrots and konnyaku. Lunch dishes were stir-fried potatoes and pork with chili sauce. Evening dishes were Asari gohan and Harusame soup .

February 24th.    The Saturday English class.  。
 I had Asari Gohan leftover. It is my original recipe, however I forget to add olive oil last night. Little bit different. Grains of rice are stuck together. Once it gets cold, it doesn't taste good. I guess it looks bad too.

 I attended The Saturday English class at Iwai Chuo Community Center from 10am.
 Ah, lately, I've been spending a lot of time on my financial statements, so I haven't been able to really study English conversation.

February 23th.   the Photo Kano Club's monthly meeting.  。
 I went to the Kensei Lifelong Learning Center in Chikusei City for the Photo Kano Club's monthly meeting. There are 3 participants today.I talked about my recently acquired old film camera and the method of tank developing black and white film.
 For lunch I would have gone to Casa De Rosa in Chikusei City, however there were fully booked. So, I decided to go my favorite Soba restaurant Kimura in Tsukuba City, I had Tenseiro today.

 I cooked a rice with clams for my dinner by my self.

February 22th.   the balance sheet.  。
 I made a hot sandwich with ham cabbage, and 2 types of cheese for my breakfast.

 I calculated my income tax for last year. I used to settle accounts, and make the balance sheets every half yeas, for my business to in order to see know well I did.
 I retired 5 years ago. Now I sette accounts once a year. I have several sources of income, for example rental ncome, etc. However they are mostly in the red. Therefor my income is just my pension. So, my balance sheet is to get back my withholding income tax of pension. It is not to see at my results of business.

 I think paying taxes would be more fun if I were making more money. Yes, I know probably a minority opinion.

February 21th.    I get medicine for 56 days.  。
 I made a hot sandwich with Anko and cream cheese for my breakfast.
 I saw my doctor to get 56 days of medicins. When I was not taking medicine I had no feeling about it, but now I feel a little happy and a little relieved when I have lots of medicine on my hand.
 In many hospitals and clinics, taking photographs is prohibited by the hospital director as consideration for patients privacy. However I took photographs in a clinic or a hospital in secret for my private record. My photos and my picture diary on the web are my external storage devices. Of course, I am very conscious of privacy within the hospital. Someone will not be able to identify anyone else's face or name from my phospital images.

 I prepare a balance sheet once a year.

February 20th.   It was a really fine day.  。
 I made my breakfast and my lunch box at the same time because I woke up early in the morning.

 It was a really fine day, so I walked around Iwai, Home Center Homac, DAISO, Iwai post office, two of banks, Torisen and Yasaka park.

 At some point, Home Center Homac changed to DCM. It seems to be DCM Co. Ltd , DCM stand for Do Create Mystyle.

I made my evening meal..

February 19th.   My wife returned to Ueda.  。
 My wife cooked the breakfast. 
 She returned to Ueda City by train and Shinkansen in the afternoon

I tried to fry a tandoori chicken modified with granola cover around it for my evening meal.

February 18th.    My son came back to our home and then returned to Ueda.  。
, I put some cheese on top of the leftovers, then added some sliced sausage and baked them in my oven for 10 minutes, until the cheese was slightly burnt. I could not see the original leftovers.I turned out well.

 It seems that my son enjyoed the Yakatabune party in Tokyo sumidagawa with many his old frends. All of them wondered if my son has become a doctor. so he brought a copy of his certificate.
 Anyway he enjoyed the party, so I was a little bit happy when I heard his copy of certificate story.
 He returned to Ueda City by bus, train, and Shinkansen in the afternoon.

February 17th.   the B&W film.  。
 I developed a B&W film at my home using a developing tank, again. Fossil like camera Roca hasn't a light meter,  so I determined the exposure value using the light meter app on my iphone. This time I checked the temperature and time more seriously than the last time. Ah, I thought the result was a better.

 This time I shot the developed B&W film using my SLR(single lens reflex) digital camera. I'm wondering if there's any point in shooting on film when it ultimately has to be digital. In order to truly enjoy film images, I think it is necessary to print them from a black-and-white film onto a photographic paper to create black-and-white images. The same as 40 years ago.

 My son came back to my home. He visited Tokyo and met his many friends today. They are old friends of some club in his University's days. Maybe, a cartoon study club. Ah, it seems it's been over 10 years. They had a Yakatabune party in Tokyo sumidagawa.

February 16th.    Ton-Q.  。
 I made a hot sandwich with ham, cabbage, and two types of cheese. I had it with some pieces of orange and cafe au le for my breakfast.
 I packed in the modified B&W film to Roca, The second challenge is taking photo by a film. I carried this camera with me all today.

 My wife returned to Iwai from Ueda City. So I went to Shimizu Koen Station to pick her up around 4pm. On the way from Shimizu Kouen station to my home we talking about dinner. We decided to go to our favorite soba restaurant Kimura in Tsukuba City.

 What the hell, Unfortunately, Kimura closed. For some reason ?, Friday today, It's not a regular closeday. Therefore, we switched to our favorite tonkatsu restaurant Ton-Q.


February 15th.   Canon FD 35mm f3.5 S.C. No,127273.  。
 I woke up early in the morning, so I made two meals at the same time for my breakfast and for my lunch. Of course, the menu was exactly the same.

February 14th.   35mm black and whaite film.  。
 This is a fossil like camera, Rocca, I packed in a modified B&W film to Rocca using a dark box. Then I shot the Yasaka Shrine by this film camera. After that, I developed the film at my home using a developing tank. Then, I captured the film on my iPhone.

 It was 45 years ago last time I developed a B&W film in a tank. So, I made a mistake in controlling the temperature and time. It was a very rough image.

 I took other color images using another old lens and my digital camera.

February 13th.    Uchida Pet Clinic.  。
 I took Miya-O chan to Uchida Pet Clinic. Today it was her clinic day. The doctor said that since she is in good condition, you should be her visits from once a week to once every 10 days.

February 12th.   my electric automatic bread maker.  。
 I baked a graham bread using my electric automatic bread maker. When I married with my wife, she bought this Electric bread maker, and it still work and give me the fresh baked bread until now from 38 years ago.
 Miya-O chen and I enjoyed the medicine time, then she went to side of the window. She spent a lot of time in the morning here.

February 11th.   Coronar Anastigmat Nippon 1:4.5 f=75mm No,38568  。
 I removed this fossil lens from the "Semi Minolta" II type 01 manufactured by Chiyoda Kogaku Seiko, the predecessor of MINOLTA. The shutter is Crown (T, B, 1/5,1/10,1/25,1/50,1/100,1/200). The lens is Coronar Anastigmat Nippon ( f=75mm 1:4.5 ) I took out it. Next, I added the second helicoid, wooden barrel, and EF mount ring. I use on the EOS M3 with a helicoid mount adapter (EF>EF-M) attached.
 My reason for adding a helicoid is because the minimum shooting distance is closer than the original lens. The shortest shooting distance of a typical fossil photography lens is 150cm, but by attaching a second helicoid, the shortest shooting distance can be shortened to around 15cm.

February 10th.   Rocca .  。
 This vintage camera is Rocca. The lens is WAKO Anastigmat 1:2.8 f=40mm No.23631
 I got it in November 2023 for 700 yen. Since it was a junk item, I was planning to extract the lens and use it on my digital camera. However, the shutter and aperture work fine. It has a small and cute design, so I am going to use it as a camera. The format is special, I have to use a modified 35mm black and white film.

February 9th.   many unnecessary things here.  。
 I had sliced tomato and lettace, yogurt granola, nikuman, and cafe au re for my breakfast.
 Today  I sell my unnecessary things for example glass bricks, extension earphone cables, etc, by Yahoo auction. I used to buy quickly many things without thinking about it's necessity so deeply.
 When I spend small amounts, I was more afraid of losing my free time than losing my money. I didn't research deeply befor buying, so now I have many unnecabout buying item before so deep. Therefore, now many unnecessary things.

February 8th.   red something in my refrigerator.  。
  I made a tomyamkun tasting soup with Wakame, Tofu, and a few kind of vegetables for my breakfast. There was not much blueberry jam left, so I poured some yogurt into the jar and mixed it. This is my way of enjoying the small amount of jam left at the bottom of the jar.
 I find something red in a glass jar in my refrigerator. I tasted it. May be some kind of Chili sauce that my wife made. Therefore I boiled macaroni and I mixed with bit of wife`s chili sauce and mayonnaise.  I had it for my lunch. There was a lot left, so I had the leftover for my evening meal.

February 7th.    automatic developer for X-ray film.  。
I woke up early in the morning, so I made two meals at the same time for my breakfast and for my lunch. Of course, the menus were exactly the same.
 I finished my cat`s and my medicine time early.

 I went to my lenses renovation factory, I ate my lunch there.
 Almost all day I was converting an automatic developer for X-ray film into a manual developer for black and white photographic film.

February 6th.   on Yahoo Auctions.  。
 I added some self made dishes for my breakfast and ate my cousin's sekihan and sumitsukari
 I eat left over hot sandwich for my lunch, and I made gyozas and vegetables soup for my evening meal.

 All day today, I was selling unnecessary items from my warehouse and in my house on Yahoo Auctions.

February 5th.    Sekihan.  。
 I made a hot sandwich with hamburger, red green pepper, and cheese for my breakfast.

 When the medicine time was over, my cat Miya-O looked tired with a tired face.

 I made a soup with Wakame and vegetables for my lunch. And for my evening meal, I made a stir-fry with Chingensai and lamb raisin , and a vegetables soup.
 Sekihan is made by steaming Uruchi-rice and Sasage beans together. It is really simple. Therefore, the quality of the ingredients will affect the overall taste.
 Sekihan and Sumitsukari were delivered to me from my mother's parents' house. My cousin made these. She runs a farm. Although she is not a chef, the sekihan she makes is better than any sekihan sold in the neighborhood food store. Sumitsukari is a local dish of the northern Kanto region.

February 4th. It is a Sunday,.  。
 It is a Sunday, I woke up late. For me all the days are Sunday. I ate leftovesr, and sliced tomato, for my breakfast. I tried to cook with konnyaku, carrots, fried tofu, and shimeji mushrooms.
 I made a sandwich with sausage, red peman, and two kinds of cheese for my lunch.

 When I look over my picture diary, I think a lot of time for cooking in a day.
  By the way, by any chance, do I like cooking?
     May be, Yes.

February 3rd.   Canon FD 35mm f3.5 S.C. No,127273.  。
 I woke up early this morning, so I cooked two meals at same time. It was sauce Yakisoba, I divide into two, one for breakfast, the other for Bento. So the breakfast and lunch menu were almost the same today.

 Canon FD 35mm f3.5 S.C. No,127273,  I got this lens in January 2024 for 1,372 yen( including shipping). There are no scratches on the lens surface, no dusts inside. There is no mold growth. The aperture and focus ring work well. It came with front and rear caps, but there are scratches and distortions on the filter frame. Hawever I can add filter and use as is.

I cooked frozen shumais for my evening meal. Just put them in a steamer and steamed them for12 minutes. Served with Budweiser.

February 2nd.  make some money from garbages.  。
 I ate leftovers for my breakfast. I made Oden for my lunch.
 After my cat medicine time, Miya-O went to her bed, and stayed there until the afternoon.

 I put some unnecessary items up for sale on the Yahoo Auctions. For example, a broken light meter, etc. If I throw them away, they will immediately become garbage, but if I sell it, I can make some money. That's the way I produce for electricity, katsudon, milk etc, from garbages.

  I ate leftovers for my evning meal..

February 1st. Yutanpo. 。
 I made Miso flavor Harusame soup for my breakfast.

 I shut down all of the air conditioners in my house, so Miya-O searched for a warm place. Finally, she found the warmest place in my house. There are a tiny space, but sun shines through the window. This is the smallest private room in our house.

 I made a hot sandwich with ham, cheese, peppers, cabbage, egg, and candied crucian carp for my lunch.

 I bought a new Yutanpo(hot water bottle). It was originally a just alminum water bottle for using outdoors. It is made from aluminum, so it is durable and long lasting. Of course I can add hot wate. I cover with old sockes and use it as a Yutanpo.
 I used to use an aluminum bottle same way 50 years ago. However, a few yars ago, it broke. So at that time, I bought a new plastic yutanpo by MujirushiRyouhin brand. However, it broke down after 5 years. So I went back to using an aluminum bottle.

 For the evening meal, I made a stew with salmon, potatoes, onions, and turnips. I had it with my father-in-law.

February 2024  

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