January 2024

January 31th.  medicine chocolate ball,  。
 I give three type of medicine to my cat every morning. It is a very hard job. Because my cat fight against me strongly. So I mixed the medicine with chocolate. It was a good idea, but I spend a lot of time to make medicine chocolate balls, and the effect is not so good. She fight against me strongly more than as usual. After medicine time, she and I were very tired.
 I bought a Katsudon Bento from Iwamoto Bento shop for my Lunch, and had it at my lens factory. In the afternoon, I worked my lens renovation factory.
 My father-in-law was concerned about his tractor's cooling water, and afraid of freezing. So, I checked to it before sunset. It was no problem.
 I got a letas free. I had it at evening meal.


January 30th.  a trumpet phone driverr.  。
 I made Harusame soup for my breakfast. 
 My cat and I finished do the medicine time, so both of us were tired. She went to bed soon.
 I made sweet potato and cream cheese toast for my lunch.
 In the afternoon, I cleaned out the second floor of my parents' warehouse. I rent this place from my younger brother as my lens factory. I put unwanted items up for sale on Yahoo auctions from this floor. For example, this blue item is a trumpet phone driver manufactured about 60 years ago. The cloth is yukata fabric produced 50 years ago.
 I made soup with tofu and vegetable for evening meal.

January 29th.   I see a doctor every 56 days..  。
 I put my my cat Miya-O in a shoe bag. It was Medicine time. I gave her medicine 
 Today, I saw my docter and received a prescription for medication for hypertension and hyperlipidemia from him. The maximum prescription period is 56 days. So I see my doctor every 56 days.
 My cat also see her doctor every week. I took her to the clinic, this afternoon.
 These two photographs are my lunch and evening meal.

January 28th.   Bando Mirai Gakukour.  。
 Bando Mirai Gakukou Collaborative Lecture. There was a lecture titled "7 Techniques for Communicating and Spreading Information.'' The event was sponsored by Bando City and the lecturer was Tomoya Aoki. It was free, so I applied in advance to participate. Mr. Aoki shared his 7 experiences in disseminating information on the Web. I got some new good ideas, and my knowledge improved. So I was happy and spent a good 2 hours.
 There are many Doso-shin, both in the city and on country roads in Ueda.There may be one every 200 meters in the city. I wonder that Iwai don't have a Doso-shin. Today, I discovered Doso-shin in the Yasaka Shrine nearby.I used to be uninterested in Douso-shin, I was not able to find it.
 In the afternoon, I cleaned out my lens factory. I put unwanted items up for sale on Yahoo auctions from this floor.

January 27th.   miso stew with pork spare ribs.  。
 I woke up early in this morning, so I made miso stew with pork spare ribs. I had it for dinner with my father-in-law.
 The medicine time was over, my cat was left completely alone to enjoy the sun.

January 26th.   the Photo Kano club monthly meeting.  。
 I made two servings of spaghetti with clams and vegetables and packed them in 2 bento boxes. One was for my breakfast and the other was for my evening meal .
 I went to Chikusei city, and joined the Photo Kano club monthly meeting. Today 4 members gathered.

 For lunch, I went to Casa De Rosa in Chikusei city. This is a Spanish restaurant .I had a pulled pork Burger.The cost was 1,100 yen, with coffee and salad.

 I returned home at 1:00 pm. Then I worked at my lens modification factory. I modified an automatic X-ray film processing machine. I am going to use it to develop black and white photographic film.
 I had a spaghetti bento for evening meal. I also added a new salad, yogurt, wain.

January 25th.   Very strong wind was blow.  。
  I made a hot sandwich with ham egg cabbage cheese for my breakfast.
  I put my cat Miya-O in a shoe bag. Medicine time begen. That was a good idea. I could easily control her posture. So I gave her medicine easier than before. I am going to continue this method. 
 My residence in Tsukuba city is an empty apartment. But I check it once a month. Today I went there to ventilate and to check the mail box. It was nice weather, so I could see a beautiful view of Mt. Tsukuba from the 12th floor. However a very strong wind was blowing. When I took off my cap on the 12th floor outside stairs, blew away in the wind..
 I had evening meal with my father-in-law. I cooked a stew of potatoes and vegetables. however I'm not good at any fried food. So, I bought fried horse mackerel at Torisen for dinner.

January 24th.   lighting box.  。
 I made a lighting box for shooting. It's about 50cm cube-shaped. This came from the outer shell of a discarded medical device. I painted all white inside, and add LED inside of top plate. I place the subject inside the box and take a photo. I took photos of camera and camellia.

January 23th.   my cleaning house day.  。
 I wok up early, so I made a Bento and breakfast at same time. Both are almost the same menu. Sauce Yakisoba, potato and turnip stew, etc.
 It is my weekly cleaning house day todayk. I worked hard on cleaning and care of my cat in this morning. Time to watch past quickly, I drove my washing machine at the same time.

 In the afternoon, I had lunch and worked at my lens renovation factory.

 My only meal in the evening was tomato soup. Because I had lunch late, so I was not hungry at that time.

January 22th.  It's a kumquat.  。
I've seen a citrus tree in the corner of my garden for several years. It may have grown out of a seed from my composter. This year, the tree was fruitful with one kumquat. May be, I will get many kumquats fruits next year.
 I harvested summer oranges, and then I did pruning.

January 21th.   SANKYO KOHKI JAPAN Komura f=300mm 1:5 No,3314042.  。
   I tried to use Komura f=300mm today, not so bad. I got this lens in April 2023 for 1,209 yen. The appearance is good. Minolta MD mount. , Aperture and focus rings are good. There is no mold or scratches on the lens surface, but there is a thin oil film. I am going to disassembe and clean.

 I made a stew of carrots, onions, potatoes, and bacon for my evening meal.

January 20th.    I overslept. .  。
 I overslept. Around 9 o'clock, I made two meals at the same time .I had a ham, egg, spinach, and cheese hot sandwich for breakfast.
 I had lunch at my lens renovation factory.
 Just soup for evening meal.

January 19th.   first marathon race this year.  。
 It was the same as usual in this morning. Taking care of my cat. etc ,
 After breakfast, I walked to the library. I wanted to know how many books there are about cameras and photography. I borrowed two books on cameras. I had my selfmade lunch sitting at bench near the library.

 I bought three type of Orange of Muchacha-En brand from Co Op.

 For the past few days, I have been using the Chiyoko Promar.sII 1:3.5 f=75mm No.53743 lens frequently. This is a field test after modification.

January 18th.  trail running shoes.  。
 I've been trying out new shoes for the past few days. Today I went to buy batteries, went to the bank, went to Yasaka Park, and walked a total of 5.5 kilometers.These shoes are originally for trail running. This has a thicker bottom and sidewalls than the running one. They are more suitable for walking than running shoes. They are my favorite for walking.

 Mamegen's Otoboke Mame are delicious. I got it from my sister-in-law.

 I had grilled cod for dinner with my father-in-law.

January 17th.   Iwamoto Bentoya's Tonkatsu bento.  。
 My breakfast and the evening meal had almost the same menu. I made enough for2 meals in the morning and devided.
  I ate Iwamoto Bentoya's Tonkatsu bento at my lens renovation factory. I spent a lot of time From morning until night, Mt. Fuji was so beautiful after sunset.

January 16th.   Graham bread and sandwich making.  。
 With my electric automatic bread maker, I baked a Graham bread. I use this bread for sandwich making. I make sandwiches more often than my wife. I am better than her at making sandwiches. The reason is that the entire process is more labor-saving than any other meal making process. It's so simple. I sandwich some food between two pieces of bread. Even if I make it very complicated, it's still very easy compared to my wife's cooking. And it is also a really small amount of washing.
 I'm not good at deep-fried foods, but today I tried to cook fried chicken for evening meal.

January 15th.   first marathon race this year.  。
 I made vegetables soup soba noodle for my breckfast.
  I spent a lot of time at my lens renovation factory.
 The silhouette of Mt. Fuji after sunset was very beautiful. I am shooting Mt. Fuji with a few different lenss each day. There are some clouds near the top today.

January 14th.   the silhouette of Mt. Fuji.  。
During this season, the air is clear and the sunset position is good. So, the silhouette of Mt. Fuji after sunset is so beautiful.

January 13th.  Saturday English clas.  。
 I joined Saturday English class at the Chuou Kouminkan 10:00 am.
 Miya-O is very fine. She always stays in front of the air conditioner when it is tured on.

January 12th.  medicine timer.  。
 I made hot sandwiches with Fried horse mackerel, cheese and green pepper for my breakfast.
 Miya-O and I were tired after medicine time. It was great job especially for her. she slept in her bed until afternoon.
 I made soup with tofu and many kind of vegetables for evening meal.

January 11th.   I didn't have lunch. .  。
I made breakfast. I didn't eat lunch. For dinner, I made grilled salmon and potato and vegetable stew. I had dinner with my father-in-law.

January 10th.   hot sandwich.  。
 I made a hot sandwich with Anko and cream cheese for my breakfast. I cooked konjac and shimeji ginger together. Whenever I wake up early, I cook a few different dishes includeing breakfast. This morning, I also made kiwi jam.

 My purpose was to remove the lens and use it with a digital camera. However, the shutter works well, so I'm not sure if I should keep it as a camera.

January 9th. Where is it warm?  。
The temperature rises around 10 o'clock every day. So all air conditioners in my house are turned off. Miyao-chan looks for a warm place. Today, she moved from the front of an air conditioner to my bed.

January 8th.   My wife returned to Ueda..  。
 My wife returned to Ueda. I made a soy milk hot pot with vegetables and fried tofu for dinner.

 I won a fossil camera equipped with Schneider-Kreuznach Radionar 1:4.5 F=5cm No, 459224 for 4,190 yen (including shipping) on Yahoo Auctions.

January 7th.   The first marathon race this year.  。
  My wife and I ran our first marathon race this year. The distance was 10km. My wife finished the race in 56 minutes 45 seconds and I finished in 1 hour 17 minutes 57 seconds.

 UCLA Cat Cap. vation factory. .About 25 years ago, my wife attached cat ears to a UCLA Cap for our kids. Now I wear it when I run marathon races. Maybe it's because I'm wearing this cap that I receive a lot of cheering and support along the way. So, I was able to finish the race. I was third from the last.

 I saw this big bread in Bakery Ponpadol at Akabane station. The kanji character means Longevity and Happy New Year. Price tag says that baked from approximately 2 kg of French bread dough. 3564 yen tax included. Recommended for a party or some event.

 When I got home, I was exhausted. I laid with my cat a few minutes.

January 5th.  waffle strawberry whipped cream.  。
 My wife made waffle. Also, my wife made whipped cream. We had it for breakfast.
 My wife made Soba noodles. and cooked tempura.We had them We had them at evening meal with father-in-law.

January 4th.  hot sandwich.  。
  I made cabbage ham cheese hot sandwich.Anyone can use this hot sandwich maker to easily make delicious food using any ingredients.

January 3ed.  Acsident at Haneda Airport.  。
 Yesterday, when Mr. Ando searched for his route home, he lives in Oota-ku, it appeared that the surrounding roads were jammed because of the fire at Haneda Airport.

At around 6 pm on the 2nd, Japan Airlines Flight 516, heading from ShinChitose Airport, collided with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft immediately after landing at Haneda Airport.


January 2nd.  New Year party.  。
 Every year my brother-in-law holds New Year party at my wife's parents house. It is every January 2nd. My wife's parents started this custom almost a harf century ago.
 In the past ten years the number of people coming to the party has steadily decreased. All of the member wish tocontinue this custom.
 One of my wife's nieces had been absent from this party for several years after she got married. However, this year she attended with her husband. So this year we have two more people than last year. What's more, she's pegnant. So next year there will be one more person. All were in good spirits and we spent 6 hours happily together.
 My wife made two kinds of salad. she baked a strawberry cream cake. and she grilled pork. for the party. l made pork Kakuni for the party.
 Mr,Ando, is the hasuband of one of my wife's nieces. He is good at making caffee. So he made a really good cup of coffee at the party. He bought to the party really expensive coffee beans. Maybe I have never had such expensive beeans. He said that anyone who uses really good coffee beans can make really delicious coffee.He continued, many peaple saying how to make good coffee method. It's about making good coffee way to make from cheap coffee beans .He made good coffee from good beans, by his method.
 However, there was also news of a sad earthquake. We would like to express our deepest sympathies to everyone in Noto.
 I got a good feeling from my family and my wife`s family.

January 1st. Happy new year.. 。
 My wife made a few kinds of New Year dishes.

 In the afternoon, I took a walk around Yasaka Park about 5Km. and I bring my camera and took some pictures. It was good weather and a good day.

 I take a few of picture everyday and I add short comments with it. Then I upload to my web server. This is my picture diary. It's open to the public. But no one sees it except my wife. It started from 2004 January, so it's 20 years aniversary. I used to write all of the comments in Japanese word. However I thought about daily headlines in English from 2021. Then I wrote a part of the comments every day in English from 2022. it was for my practice of English conversation.
 Before Kana, I wrote the comments in Japanese then I translated to English by Google.
 After Kana, I changed my method. At first, I wrote the comments in English. I then spoke the coments into Google translate using voice input. Google translated to Japanese real time. If the translated Japanese is not same as what I had in mind or simly wrong, I change English words or change subject, object, tence etc. I can check translated Japanese real time. In this way I make English sentences through trial and error. If I get it corect, I finish and ask to read to the Google female voice. Making English is good English conversation practice. This method allows me to practice English making, pronunciation, and listening at the same time.

 My son came back from Ueda to my home Iwai. He had night shif at new year ive. My wife picked him up at Shimizu Koen Station around 3 p.m. So we had New Year dishes together.

 Around 4 pm, there was a big earthquake on the Noto Peninsula. magnitude 7.6 Even though it's New Year's Day. Earthquakes happen at any time. It will come any time. I would like to express my heartfelt sympathies to those peoples of Noto.
 Recently I was not thinking about earthquake in my day life on my mind so lot. I have to prepare for earthquakes that occur in winter.

January 2024  

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