December 2023
December 31th.   Toshikoshi Soba. 。
 Toshikoshi means the transition from the old year to the new year in Japanese. In Japan, there is a custom of eating soba on New Year's Eve. Its origin is said to be in the middle of the Edo period.
 At that time, ``Misoka soba'' was eaten by the owners of merchant houses in Osaka to thank their servants for working on Misoka (end of the month). Misoka meens the day end of the month in japanese, and Ohomisoka meens New Year's Eve. There is a theory that this Misoka soba is the origin of toshikoshi soba.
 My wife made Toshikoshi Soba and Tenpura.

December 30th.   My wife made. 。
 My wife made breakfast and baked a carrot cake.

December 29th.   Day of clinic visit.. 。
 I took my cat Miya-O to Uchida pet clinic. The doctor gave her a subcutaneous injection to rehydrate her.
 I walked around Yasaka Park for about 5 kilometers.
 In the afternoon, My wife went to an acquaintance's house in Ami Town to buy buckwheat flour. I cleaned my lens factory.

December 28th.   .I printed a New Year's card. 。
 My wife and I made tortilla style, salad, granola yogurt, and cafe au lait for our breakfast.
 My wife cleaned her parents' house. .I printed New Year's cards for next year. I added handwritten comments to all my New Year's cards.
 I made sauce yakisoba at my wife's parents' house. my wife, father in low and I ate together.
 My wife made dinner. We ate together at my wife's parents' house

December 27th.   The summer oranges in my garden are ripe 。
  I made a hot sandwich with graham bread formy breakfast. It was cabbage,ham,cheese and onion、
 .I took a 5km walk in Yasaka Park and took some photos along the way.
 I made and printed new busines card style name cards. I have met some foreignr in Yasaka park. So I made new English version namecard.
 The summer oranges in my garden are ripe.
 My wife made oyster and shrimp gratin for dinner.


December 26th.   Hexenhaus. 。
 I finished all the failed bread, so I baked some graham bread new. My electric automatic bakery equipment baked graham bread. 
  I set it up last night. To avoid making the same mistake, I placed the container of dry yeast on top of the bread machine before starting work.
 I made a hot sandwich with new baked bread for breakfast. It was cabbage,ham,cheese.
 My wife made a Hexenhaus.She came back from Ueda. So I picked her up at Shimizu Koen Station.

December 25th.   the failed bread, 。
 I had tiny green onions and gyoza soup for blackfasuto.
 I made a mistake baking bread the other day. I forgot to put "yeast"
in my automatic electric bread baking equipment, so the bread naturally didn't ris e. I put Parmigiano Leisure on top of the failed bread and baked it, it becomes very delicious. I ended up eating most of the failed bread, with this method. It was not so bad.
 Miya-O is as energetic as ever.

December 24th.  My cat sometime eat green weed,. 。
 These other day, I received lots of tiny green onions. So I made tiny green onions and gyoza soup many time. This breakfast also again it.I cooked also Kabocha and Azuki togather.
 My cat sometime eat green weed, I do not know the reason. She hart my pots of plants.
 I made Salt-boiled cabbage, Parmigiano leisure, shredded carrots toppings.Yogurt Granola Blueberry Jam Orin Apple. Photographed with RICOH ANASTIGMAT 1:3.5 /8cm No.286748

December 23th.   Day of clinic visit.. 。
 I received lots of tiny green onions. So I had green onions and gyoza soup for breakfast self made.
 I took an appointment of Pet clinic Uchida by online at 8:00. My pet cat Miya-O and I went to uchida Pepto Clinic at 9:30.
 I glued the earphones and headphones together.

December 22th.   At Casa de Rosa.. 。
 I waked up early this morning, and cooked breakfast and lunch boxfor myself. Both is Sauce Yakisoba. I love Yakisoba
 I have to take care of my pet cat Miya-O chan. I gave her medicine, fresh water and feed every morning.I feed her each10g of food 3 to 4 times a day. This is to measure her daily intake. I give her 100g of water in 5 bowls at 5 place in her living space. This is also to measure her daily water intake.

 Today I went to Chikusei City. There was a monthly meeting of Photo KANO Club starting at 10 o'clock, so I attended it.
 On the way home, I veered off Route 294. I wanted to take a photo of Mt. Tsukuba so I veered off the main road. After passed through the rice fields for a while, I reached the embankment of the Kokai River. There was Casa de Rosa, a Spanish farmhouse restaurant.
 in. Of course I took a photo of Mt. Tsukuba, but by accident I ended up taking a photo of spare ribs. Their recommendation was the paella, but since it only serves 2 people, I'll probably try that next time with my wife. I was alone, so I had spare ribs.

 ライ麦パンとスペアリブ。At Casa de Rosa. 
 I had Source Yakisoba, Harusame soup, cooked radish, and orange for evening meal.Yakisoba was I didn't eat for lunch. So It became for evening.

 Between many introductory photos of Mt Tsukuba and photos of Mt. Tsukuba from Chikusei City is different shape.]

December 21th.  0 seconds, chicken ramen. 。
 Regular Chicken ramen is made with hot water spend 3minit. 0 second Chicken ramen is eaten directly. So Nisshin they made it lightly flavored, with 1/2 the amount of salt The package says that if you rehydrate it in hot water, it won't taste good. But, not so bad. It's convenient for me. Because what I limit my salt intake to lower my blood pressure. Plus, it's cheaper than Regular CR.

 I printed out New Year card one hundred thirty sheet. Miswritten notes on regular postcards can be exchanged for postcards. (Although there is a fee) Miswritten New Year's cards from 2023 cannot be exchanged for New Year's cards from 2024. I did not know.
 I couldn't get Nisshin Seifun flour for bread at my local supermarket. so I bought it on Amazon. It was delivered the next day, and the price was 840 yen including tax and shippingfee , so it might be convenient.
 I bought two Ajifurai at Torisen supermarket. I had it with father in law for evening meal.


December 20th.  Jyun teuchi soba Kimura 。
 I wake up early and cooked spaghetti with clams and tiny green leek for breakfast.
 I did morning routine. I gave my cat feed and medicine. and of course I did housekeeping, washing, cleaning.
 In the afternoon, I went to Tsukuba City and I visited my favorite Soba restaurant Jyun teuchi soba Kimura and I have mori soba. Then I went to Costco and filled up my car with gas. At Costco, gasoline is 10 yen cheaper per liter including tax. So, if I use Costco gas for a year, I'll save more than the annual membership fee.
 The other day, I ordered a book for Amazon. It was "A History of the Photographic Lens by Rudolf Kingslake(1989-11-11) "I ordered the hardcover optical copy reprint, but I regret that if I only needed the content, the Kindle version would have been better in terms of cost.The book I ordered arrived today. It came from England.

December 19th.  a supermarket sushi pack, 。
 I had leftover curry, so I mixed it with rice, topped it with cheese, and baked it in the oven.This was my breakfast.
 I did morning routine. I gave my cat feed and medicine. My cat really resists when I give her medicine every time, like a wild animal..And after that, she gets tired and exhausted.
   I had Sushi for evning meale. This was a supermarket sushi pack, and was not as good as what you'd find at a sushi restaurant. But, looks like sushi and atmosfer. Considering the amount I paid, I'm satisfied.
 Every evening, they discount these kinds of products. "We want to avoid food waste" is printed on the price tag. The message pushed me, so I bought a sushi pac.

December 18th.  lens modification using a carburetor series. 。
 I had a vegetable soup, yogurt granola, and cafe au le for breakfast. l made by myself.
 I did morning routine. I gave my cat Miya-O chan feed and medicine.It's especially difficult to give medicine.The medicine spills and make the cat's face has black dots.
 The second part of lens modification using a carburetor series has been completed. I made a modification to extend the lens barrel using part of a junk carburetor.
 I had curry rice for evening meal.

December 17th.   hanging in the air, caught on a cable. 。
 I did morning routine. My cat did morning routine.
 I lost my bone conduction earphone somewhere.My slaight memory say I forget it at my lens factory. I went to there to take it.But I was not able to find it at first. When I thought about it and thought back on it, my vague memory became clear. It's a lens factory after all. I went looking for it again. It was hanging in the air, caught on a cable.

December 16th.    I harvested oranges . 。
 My wife made breakfast in this morning.
 I harvested oranges in the backyard of my wife's parents' house. After that I pruned the tree in this afternoon.
 we had evening meal at my wife's parents house with father in low togather.

December 15th. Uchida pet clinic. 。
 I made an appointment Doctor in Uchida pet clinic on the web at 9:00. My pet cat myia-o chan and I went to there at 9:30.. She met him. The doctor injected under her skin for hydrate. Its volume was about 100cc mybe. and he gave medicin for 30day. we are going to met again next Friday.
 My wife came back to Iwai from Ueda city.I picked her up at Shimizu Koen Station around 3:45.

December 14th.   the miracle has happened. 。
 I had some Oden and stewed Daikon Ganmodoki for a breakfast at 6:00
 In the afternoon, I pruned the orange tree at my wife's parents' house.
 I pruned the tree. trim (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to increase fruitfulness and growth.
 Of Course before I pruned the tree, I harvested many oranges from the. It did not look good, but, it was very sour and sweet tasty.
 Miya-O chan was well today. She like to see the moving car on the street.
 The miracle has happened in my lens Factory at this evening. I made two special part from jank at my factory. I shaved it by milling machine, took tow hour. When I was going to home, I throw out the two from my hand at stairs. There is no lighting on the first floor, so it is dark. The two fell, leaving behind some sounds in the darkness. I thought it was gone. I might not be able to find it anymore. The first floor is a hellish wasteland littered with empty boxes and junk parts from agricultural machinery enymore. I searched them by memory of sound with light on iphone.Then, the miracle has happened. there were 2 parts in an empty small can. I was able to go back my home with them.

 I had Evening meal at 7:00 pm.

December 13th.  KATSUDON bento. 。
 I went to Iwamoto bento shop at 10:30. I bought 2 KATSUDON bento. It was one for my younger brother. I have many experience that later at 11:00, Katsudon Bento was became sold out. so I went to there at 10:30.
 I had Katsudon Bento at my lens factory. I spent at my lens factory whole day.
 I made breakfast and evening meals at my home.

December 12th.  .I am happy when I watch her eating. 。
 I had Harusame and vegetable soup breakfast.
 My pet cat Miya-O is well. The amount of food she eats per day seems to be increasing.Right after She was ousted from the hospital, she was eating about 10 to 15g a day, but now she usually eat more than 20g. .I am happy when I watch her eating.

 Suddenly I really wished to eat Sushi. this evening. However, I did not feel like going to a sushi restaurant alone. So, I bought
1 pacage of Nigiri sushi iat Torisen in Iwai to take out.

December 11th.  around her mouth is black. 。
  When I wake up early, I make today's all meal in the morning. therefore, it is natural all of today's meal are almost same menu.
  When I worked my kitchen, Miya-O come and want to have katsuobushi. In the past I would have given her some, but now I will never give it to her because it would seriously damage her kidney function.
 it is my daily job that I gave her three type of medicine. It is a really difficult job for me, I never success more than 80% of amount her medicine every day.Two type of medicine in three are black powder, therefore after medicine around her mouth is black. 20% of her medicine flow loss from her mouth.

December 10th.  Kentucky fried chicken. 。
  2 photographs of left column from upper, today's 2 times meal, breakfast and lunch. I made by myself left over yesterday.

 Suddenly I really wish to eat fried chicken. this evening. So, I bought 2 piece at Kentucky fried chicken in Iwai to take out. I had it my home with Budweiser as dinner.

 My cat Miya-O chan is soso well, she's living as a past usual.

December 9th.  I forgot to add yeast.. 。
 There are 3 photographs of left column. today's three times meal. I made by myself.
 I joined Saturday English Class at 10:00. I talked about that Miya-O chan was hospitalized. and talked about that practice english number reading when I stacked in trafic jum.
 Mr,Takimoto, member of Saturday English class, he gave me an old Yashica rangefinder camera Electro 35 GT. There are lot of scratch on lens surface and shutter broken. it dead as camera, but I can use for apart hericoid.

 The other day my wife bought many butter. She saw to buy 2 kind of butter no salt and salted. But there are all salted butter. So I use salted butter for my bread making today.
 what the hell.
 I forgot to add yeast. I did it again. I have to eat strange bread again for a while.

December 8th. Dr,Uchida pet clinic. 。
 I made hot sandwich with ham cheese egg and cabbage. I had it at breakfast.
 I made an appointment for Dr,Uchida pet clinic in am 8:00 on line. then I and my pet cat Miya-O went to the clinic am 9:00.
 She saw her doctor. The doctor injected under her skin for hydrate and he want to give her three type of medicine as 1 days unit every day. I agree with him, and he gave me 10 days of her medicine.
  The other day, I won a used lathe for 10,000 yen.I was going to pick it up Matsudo myself.However, it turned out that I couldn't fit it into my car. So my yunger brother drived his light truck to Matsudo with me, and we caryed it for my lens factory.
 If this lathe works well, the 10,000 yen will have been spent very effectively.

December 7th. bright yellow.. 。
 I meet Tsukuba Bank's finance advisor. She said that It seems that the stock price will rise in the year of the US presidential election. It seems that Japan's stock price will rise.Well, I wouldn't change anything.
 I took a walk in Yasaka Park. The ginkgo was bright yellow.

December 6th. Health checkup day.. 。
 My wife and I went to Tsukuba Kenshin Center in Tsukuba City, arrived 7:15. I have a health check every December. The day has come safely this year. So, I took a commemorative selfie in the changing room of the health checkup center.Stomach cancer screening using a gastrocamera is more comfortable than barium X-ray screening.
 After that we went to cafe POSTEN, enjoed good coffe.


December 5th. MINOLTA P-ROKKOR 2.5/75. 。
 My wife came back from Ueda city for receive health check.  MINOLTA P-ROKKOR 2.5/75 No.1328019
 I took out this lens from slide projector Minolta Mini 35 which I purchased for 500 yen at a secondhand shop in Ueda City Nagano prefecture in July 2023. I add Canon FD mount,and connected it to my Sony digital camera via Canon bellows. But there's no aperture. Therefore, I added an aperture mechanism to the front.
 My wife came back from Ueda. 3:30 pm I went to Shimizu Park Station and picked up my wife.
 My wife and I had Nishin soba at evening meal.

December 4th. Yasaka Park walk. 。
 I had a mixture Harusame and vegetables, yogurt granola, and cafe au lait for breakfast.
 I walked around Yasaka park about 6 km.
 I had curry kishimen, Atsuage, and cafe au lait for lunch.
 My cat sometimes drinks the sink water. So it hinders the measurement of her drinking water amount.
 I bought a cat kidney disease care meal. It is 8 times the price of ordinary cat bait used so far.

December 3rd.   my pet cat meal, water, medicine.. 。
 I waked up early. I had vegetable Atsuage mixed Stewe. I have to give medicine to my pet cat every morning. And I measure the amount of water she drinks in 24 hours. I measure the amount of water she drinks in 24 hou. Also I measure the amount food that she had. If she has no appetite, I fumigate the therapeutic food with bonito flakes.
 I had curry rice for lunch. I made it by myself.
 I had mixed stew vegetable with Gyoza skin for evening meal.

December 2nd.  Saturday English class today.  。
 It was so cold in this morning, so I fired in Arajin Blueflame.
Miya-O Oral medicine.Mix the oral medication in water, put it in a syringe, and put it into her mouth.It was too difficult more than I think that I give her oral medicine.
 I bought OJBSEN iPhone XS Max Case Cover from Amazon. It was 1104 yen.
 I joined a Saturday English class today. I set the goal. Until next April, I will be good an English speaker. And I talk about anything with Mr,michael without translator.I gather all the English books in my house and read them one by one. There are many English books at home that I have never read.

December 1st.   Uchida Pet Clinic. 。
 I ate leftovers from last night for breakfast. Cooked rice with clams, cookedshrimp and radish, Sijimi miso soup, yogurt granola, cafe au lait.
 In the morning, My cat Miya-O and I went to Uchida Pet Clinic and she sow her doctor. The doctor gave her a subcutaneous injection to rehydrate her. and he prescribed three types of oral medication.
 I gave Carl Zeiss Jena No.1861781 Tessar 1:3.5 f=7cm an EF mount. This required expansion with a wooden barrel. As a result, this lens can be used with digital cameras.
 I wrapped Anko paste and sweet potato in mochi.
 I ate soba topping with herring for evening meal.

December 2023  

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