October 2023
 October 31th. anko sandwich 
 I made Anko Cream cheese Blueberry jam sandwich for morning meal. Breakfast is consists of Anko Cream cheese Blueberry jam sandwich, yogurt, cafe au lait, tomato, lettuce, and boiled egg. 
 My cat is basking in the sun by the kitchen window.  Maybe Hirugohan is also an anko sandwich.

 October 30th.   an old vintage KODAK lens. 。
 Last week, I spent a lot of time modifying an old vintage KODAK lens. I took out the lens from an old KODAK camera manufacturer 1920. I made my own mount adapter to connect the lens to the digital camera. I bought a lot of vintage junk cameras. I have over 20 in stock. It's waiting its turn.
I brought my lunch to the lens modification factory and worked there.
I would like to continue making modified lenses using discarded carburetors as lens barrels.

 October 29th.   often watch YouTube 。
  I very often watch YouTube in iPad, iphon, TV and PC. When I don't unknown something, I search for videos on YouTube. For example, there are many things like how to disassemble a lens and how to make a fig jam, etc.


 October 28th.  It was a huge thunderstorm.  。
 In the morning, It was a huge thunderstorm. There were several brief power outages due to thunder.
For breakfast, I made persimmon and apple coleslaw, lettuce salad, yogurt granola, and cafe au lait.
Hiru rice is persimmon apple coleslaw, yogurt, cafe au lait, and round bread.
I had jyoind a junior high school reunion party starting at 4 p.m.

 October 27th.  RICO CO,LTD. COLOR RIKENON 1:2.8 f=35mm 。
  I made my own adapter for EOS M3. I think the finish is good.
 When I use the lens " RICO CO,LTD. COLOR RIKENON 1:2.8 f=35mm " on EOS M3, the back focus is longer than the flange back. So it is necessary to somehow attach the lens to the front of the mount ring.Therefore, I carved a piece of wood to create an extended barrel.

 October 26th.  I weeded my wife's parents' house  。
   Today I weeded my wife's parents' house. Although it's only a small part, this work is important because the grass that was planted earlier has taken root.

 October 25th.  modified parts. 。
  I worked all day at the lens modification factory making modified parts.

 October 24th.  Kowa Optical Works Prominar F.C. 1:2.8 f=35mm No,161067  。
  I extracted this lens from the rangefinder camera Kowa Kallo W, which I purchased in September 2023 for 4,200 yen. I took it apart, cleaned it, and polished all metal parts. And, I added it EF-M mount.

 October 23th. for breakfast  。
  I eat apple, latest, yogurt, natto, gohan, etc for breakfast .
 For evening meal, I eat things like fried noodles with sauce, apples, lettuce yogurt, and natto.

 October 22th.  Zenkoji Temple  。
  I got up early this morning. So I cooked Sauce Yakisoba (sauce taist fried noodles).
 Last friday my uncle passed away. He was 80 years old, lung Carcinoma. He was smoker. maybe he smoked during more than 40 years.
 Today it was his funeral.
Relatives gathered at his house at 11 o'clock and placed the body in a coffin. The funeral began at 1 p.m. Then the relatives went to the crematorium. After the ashes were collected, a series of ceremonies concluded around 4 p.m.
however, to avoid covid 19 did not gather for meal. Normally, relatives, acquaintances, and his friends would gather together for a meal.However, to avoid the spread of COVID-19, we did not gather for the meal. Instead, the chief mourner handed out boxed lunches to everyone. The chief mourner was the son-in-law.

 October 21th. 3 junk cameras.  。
  The other day, on my way from Nagano Station to Zenkoji Temple, I saw a signboard for a ``Classic Camera Specialty Store''. I entered the store. There were two containers with full of junk cameras mountain. I bought 3. I wanted more, but...

 Photographed with Fuji-Ko Anastigmat Terionar 1:4.5 F=50mm No,7287

 October 20th.   My uncle passed away.  。
 I came back to Iwai from Ueda at afternoon. I bring souvenia to Akira and Odenchime. GyunyuPan.
  My uncle passed away yesterday.He was 80 years, lunge carchinoma. I walked to his house away 2km and offered my condolences to his family. Older than me Close relatives gradually die. My turn is approaching, maybe about 20 more years.

 Miya-O chan is my cat. She was house-sitting for 6 days, is doing well. No signs of abnormality in food, water, toilet, or anything else.


 October 19th.  Zenkoji Temple  。
  I visited Zenkoji Temple with my wife. It was my first time and my wife's third time. It is a very famous temple not only in Nagano Prefecture but also worldwide. There were study groups of local elementary school students, office workers on business trips, foreign families, and many visitors. It would be impossible to enjoy all of Zenkoji in one day, so today I limited myself to understanding the relative positions of the many historical buildings.

 October 18th.   Ueda Castle.  。
 My wife goes to a yoga class in Ueda City. Today is that day. So, I took a walk around Ueda city by myself from 11am to 3pm. I took photos of the old townscape, temples and shrines, and Ueda Castle. For lunch, I ate Mori Soba slowly at Katanaya. 

 October 17th.   the Ikenodaira Wetland in Yunomaru Plateau..  。
 My wife and I went trekking through the Ikenodaira Wetland in Yunomaru Plateau. It's about a 60 minute drive from Ueda City with my wife driving. Ikenotaira Wetland is a high-rise wetland located at an altitude of 2,000 meters, located on the crater floor of Mikatagamine Volcano, which was created tens thousands years ago.
This is oure second visit. It was a little bit autum color.
  I brought three lenses. However, I actually only used two. During the trek, one became just a weight. This limite is two types of lenses that I can field test while trekking.
 For dinner, my wife made curry and rice.

 October 16th.  a small piece of crystal.  。
  I waked up before sunrise. Sun come out from right side of Mt.Eboshi. 
 After breakfast, my son went to work. Me and my wife were sightseeing.
  After seeing Jisso-in Temple, we climbed the Senba Castle ruins. It was my second time. The last time I climbed it, I saw a small piece of crystal on the top of the mountain. I was looking for the same place and found it. It is a transparent crystal about 7cm in diameter. I took it home.
 Although mountain castles are called castles, they differ in form and function from castles that tower over plains. It is a watchtower, a beacon tower, and a garrison near the mountaintop.
  After descending from the castle ruins, We visited Hondataru Tamajinja. There are many wooden reliefs on the pillars and walls of the main temple.
 For lunch, We ate soba noodles at Sanada.

 October 15th.   from Iwai to Ueda.  。
  This morning, for breakfast, my wife made a cream cheese Anko sandwich using KAJI DONYA brand Hot Pan.
 In the afternoon, my wife and I drove the Z4 from Iwai to Ueda City.k.We arrived at Ueda around 5 o'clock. I will spend few days at my son's in Ueda.
 For dinner, my wife made curry and rice.

 October 14th.   "KAJI DONYA brand Hot Pan".  。
  My wife bought a new hot sandwich maker. KAJI DONYA brand Hot Pan, priced at 15,400 yen. The pan has a double structure and is treated with fluororesin. The handle can be removed for easy cleaning. My wife made a sandwich using this for breakfast.
 For dinner, my wife and I and a couple of friends enjoyed Usamitei's steak. It was very delicious and we had a great time.

 October 13th.   graham bread.  。
  Breakfast is lettuce, apple, eggplant, carrot, chikuwa, yogurt granola, cafe au lait, and soup. I tried mixing soy milk and canned corn soup in a 1:1 ratio.
I will clean the house in the morning.
Lunch has almost the same menu as breakfast.
In the afternoon, my wife came back from Ueda City.
My electric automatic bread machine baked graham bread.

 October 12th.   "BASIC GRAMMAR IN USE".  。
 I made my breakfast by myself. I fry egg and bacon, add retas Ikaten. Natto granola yogurt,cafe oule. After breakfast, I ran the Yasaka park round coase complete 6 km.It was nice blue sky. Many old people played Glaund golf. Every thursday, they hold Glaund golf competition.
 I made my lunch by myself. tandry chicken, eggplant soty,retas,grape bread,cafe oule.
 I made evning meal by myself.Tenpra-soba.

 I learn English by "BASIC GRAMMAR IN USE" eBook in PC, almost one hour every day, and during my running to pronounce practised by iphone.

 October 11th.    autumn color.  。
 I felt that everything changed quickly autumn color at this month early part. There will probably be less than 20 times I can enjoy autumn as same like this year in my left free life. And I changed my mind that I have to practice English conversation more and more. Because it is limited that I can enjoy my free life.
  i made breakfast, soy milk ramen, cafe ole, glenora yogurt. I also tried boiling pumpkin, red beans, and carrots. After breakfast, I ran the Yasaka park round coase complete 6 km.It was nice blue sky
 At 11 o'clock I went to Tsukuba city. I eat Soba, Tenseiro at Kimura Soba restaurant. I bought 2 Greek yogurts and coffee of Starbucks at Costco. of coase, I filled gasoline at Costoco. because it's cost is the lowest around here.

 October 10th.    "Basic Grammar in Use".  。
  Many person say how to practice English conversation in the Youtube. I agree with Kana. She is one of Youtuber around English conversasion practec. I subscribed her channel. I understand her saying method around English larning. So, resently I bougth a English gramer book by Amazon. It is her recomend "Basic Grammar in Use" Student's Book. It cost 3800enn, litle bit hight for me, but with same content eBook valid for 3years. So I can acsses it by PC and iphon. I feel good for userbilty.

@kana english channel

 英会話インストラクターKANAさんのユーチューブチャンネルを登録した。お勧めの英文法テキスト"Basic Grammar in Use"をアマゾンで買った。3800円、eBookの3年間アクセス権付き。


 October 9th.     Backenbart, Joyfull Honda.  。
 I went to Moriya city. I bought almond croissant, grape bread, 5 round bread at Backenbart, walnut wood at Joyfull Honda.


 October 8th.  blueberries jam.  。
 The blueberries I bought in Ueda were frozen. I made it into jam to free up space in the freezer. Puree 300g of boiled blueberries, add 100g of sugar and a little red wine, and boil until thickened. It went well.


 October 7th.  lens modification factory..  。
 After breakfast, I took a short run through Yasaka Park and headed to my parents' house. I ran almost 6km.
I cleaned out the second floor of my brather's warehouse. I rent part of the second floor and used as a lens modification factory. So, it's the season where I can work comfortably, I started by cleaning there.


 October 6th.    Time for the 21st Hirosaki/Shirakami Apple Marathon 10km course.  。
 For evning meal, I fried pumpkin, sweet potatoes, red and green peppers, and sausage in a frying pan. Coleslaw, cafe au lait.


 October 5th.     the Yasaka Park loop course. 。
  In the morning, I ran exactly 6km around the Yasaka Park loop course.


 October 4th.    Time for the 21st Hirosaki/Shirakami Apple Marathon 10km course.  。
 Time for the 21st Hirosaki/Shirakami Apple Marathon 10km course. My wife's time was 58 minutes and 20 seconds. She placed 13th in the women's 60-69 age group. Mine was 82 minutes and 19 seconds. I placed 121st out of 134 people in the men's 60-69 age division.

 第21回 弘前・白神 アップルマラソン 10キロコースのタイム。かあちゃんは、58分20秒でした。女子60~69歳の部で13位でした。おらは、82分19秒でした。男子60~69歳の部で部門134人中121位でした。

 October 3rd.   the five-storied pagoda at Saisho-in Temple. 。
 After checking out, I took a walk in the Hirosaki castle park, bought a bento at Futomaki-ya, looked at the five-storied pagoda at Saisho-in Temple, and headed to the station.


 October 2nd.  Mt. Iwaki.  。
  It turns out it's cheaper to rent a car than to take a bus. So,We rented a car and went to the 8th Goume of Mt. Iwaki.
 We took the lift to the 9th goume and started climbing around 11:30. At that time, I could see the top. The wind is extremely strong. Clouds came one after another, and when we reached the top, we couldn't see anything. It looks like it will be blown away by a strong wind. I was starting to get scared so I hurried down the mountain.


 October 1st.  the 21st Hirosaki/Shirakami Apple Marathon。
 Just before the start of the 21st Hirosaki/Shirakami Apple Marathon 10km course. My friend, my wife, me.

 第21回 弘前・白神 アップルマラソン 10キロコースにエントリーしている。スタートは10時だ。9時のフルマラソンのスタートを見送ってから手荷物を預けに一度ゴール地点に行った。いしだ氏と会って記念写真を撮る。この大会でお会いするのは数年ぶりだ。

October 2023  

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