- school lunch at general Japanese school -

In the case of the public kindergarten,elementary school and junior high school in Iwai City Ibaraki Prefecture .
Each day, 5339 school lunchs are prepared in the Iwai School Lunch Supply Center for students and faculty. The management cost of the center is 475,670,000 yen per year. A consumer pays only the material fee of the lunch, price is about 150 yen. The children must eat school lunch. They cant go home for lunch, or bring their own lunch. The children are tired of school lunch. The school lunchi menu has been the same for 14 years.
It is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

A red rectangle lunch box of rice.
A bottle of milk.
A pack of laver.
Paper towel and chopsticks.
A cup of yoghurt.
Grilled fish.
Boiled green soybeans.
Fried pork and vegetables with a soy sauce taste.
July 11th 1997 5339 people ate the lunch of the same menu.

A stainless steel rectangle lunch box of hot cooked rice with mushrooms.
A packed of orange juice.
A bowl of vegetable soup with soy sauce taste.
A piece of shortcake. The Japanese Girl's Festival version.
A piece of thick cooked egg food.

March 3rd 1998

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